UnionPay Improves Its Travel Payment Service for 6 Million Chinese Tourists

UnionPay Improves Its Travel Payment Service for 6 Million Chinese Tourists
According to UnionPay International, about 6 million Chinese tourists will celebrate the upcoming Spring Festival overseas. Free independent traveling and in-depth traveling are the new travel trend. And UnionPay card has become one of outbound …
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US Renews Travel Alert to Mexico as American Killings Continue to Rise
In particular, the travel warning tagged the states where tourists are urged to exercise extreme caution and/or defer travel: Aguascalientes, Baja California, Baja California Sur, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Colima, Durango, Estado de Mexico, Guerrero …
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Consumer Review Freedom Act Would Stop Travel's Gag Clauses
Fedigan's brother signed away his right to free speech, which appears to be an increasingly common occurrence in the travel industry. Non-disparagement clauses in contracts are multiplying, according to Whitney Gibson, a partner at the Washington law …
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Arizona Tourism Officials in Chicago Inspiring Travel to Grand Canyon State!

Arizona Tourism Officials in Chicago Inspiring Travel to Grand Canyon State!
Additionally, Arizona will be featured at the upcoming Travel and Adventure Show in Chicago, January 23-24. Considered to be the largest consumer travel shows in the U.S., the event is an opportunity to connect with locals to tell them about Arizona's …
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Wyndham® Extra Holidays Offers "Let's Go to California" Travel Sale
Plan your California adventure today with special travel offers to discover all that the Golden State has to offer this season. Any kind of backdrop you can dream of for your next vacation — from Cabernet Season in Napa Valley to attractions in …
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SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — The Zika virus outbreak has prompted a travel alert urging pregnant women to postpone travel to 14 countries in the Americas. The Centers for Disease Control issued a Level 2 health advisory on Friday. Pregnant women …
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Travel advisory issued for Onondaga County; police urge drivers to be cautious
SYRACUSE, N.Y. — A travel advisory has been issued for Onondaga County until noon Tuesday, according to Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney. This travel advisory does not restrict travel but it is a warning to motorists that hazardous driving …
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5 reasons you should use the Instagram community when you travel

5 reasons you should use the Instagram community when you travel
Local photographers from the city: Some of my favorite ways to get inspiration before I travel is to check out the accounts of local photographers. Here are a couple of my favorites: Amsterdam – @brian_sweet, New York City – @ceos_downbeat and Tokyo …
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Top five travel destinations for 2016
This seems to be on everyone's list, but as (most) of the travel restrictions from the U.S. to this small island nation were lifted this year, you can now travel without special permission from the U.S. government. While straight tourism is still …
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From Camden Winterfest to online travel shopping

From Camden Winterfest to online travel shopping
Tanglewood may be closed for the season, but music aficionados traveling to the Berkshires can take advantage of a new winter package especially for music lovers. In honor of the December birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven, the Old Inn on the Green is …
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Putting travel risks in perspective
No sooner after kicking back with a fun little travel feature titled “The world's 10 friendliest countries” my cell phone buzzed and a message appeared with news of (yet another) terror attack in the world. My heart plummeted. Oh no, now where? I …
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Was geht ab? – THack travel hackathon returns to Germany

Was geht ab? – THack travel hackathon returns to Germany
Tnooz, the leading source of news and analysis about travel tech, brings together developers and the travel industry to invent mobile applications for the airline passenger and in-destination experiences during the weekend hackathon. THack Berlin is …
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Travel tips for the beach-bound
It's cold. Really cold. That means northerners are bugging out of here, headed for (if your acquaintances are anything like mine) Key West, Mexico's beaches, San Diego and Myrtle Beach. We're-thinking-about-it destinations include St. Petersburg, Fla …
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It's Never Too Early to Plan Your Spring Break Travel
Spring break is one of the busiest travel times of the year. Flights and hotels for the more popular spring break destinations, such as Cancún, Nassau, or anywhere in Florida, along with spring break cruises, sell out really quickly. So to ensure that …
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Zika Virus Travel Warning: What You Should Know
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed this week that it is considering a travel warning for countries where the Zika virus is circulating. "We're trying to get out some comprehensive travel guidelines that women can follow, with more …
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Most commuters travel alone by car, according to survey
Marcus Thompson from East Pittsburgh boards the 69 Trafford at Stanwix and Fourth Avenue everyday on his way home from work. By Diana Nelson Jones / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Results are in from the Make My Trip Count commuter survey, an effort …
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A Travel Blog Couple Gets Real: Behind Their Happy Instagrams
We tried to love it — we spent four months exploring as much as possible, waiting for the moment where we would say, “Okay, this place isn't too bad after all,” but it never came. We tried to laugh it off, but traveling in China got to us. And we …
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Travel Checklist: Tips on Staying Safe in Foreign Land

Travel Checklist: Tips on Staying Safe in Foreign Land
Traveling halfway across the world is unparalleled: the sights and sounds, the culture and natural high of venturing out of one's comfort zone. However, it also leaves people more vulnerable than ever as they traverse unfamiliar lands surrounded by …
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Travel alert issued for eastern North Dakota
A travel alert has been issued for eastern North Dakota due to snow and blowing snow that is creating reduced visibility. Advertisement. The alert, issued by the the North Dakota Department of Transportation and the North Dakota Highway Patrol …
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Travel Can Change Your Child's Life: Here's How

Travel Can Change Your Child's Life: Here's How
The two young Georgia residents, 4 and 5 years old, spent seven days traveling around the North African country this summer, a journey that included tagine for dinner, attempts to speak Arabic, camel rides and even a night spent camping in the Sahara, …
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10 Reasons Why Iceland Is the Best Place to Travel Solo Right Now
One thing I've learned is that when you see a cheap flight, you should book it, but what do you do if you want to go and can't find someone else to travel with you? You have two options; you can either not go, and miss out on all the awesomeness of …
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Top 10 ethical travel destinations for 2016
"By spending travel dollars in forward-thinking countries, explorers can reward the good guys — and encourage humane practices worldwide," says Ethical Traveler's report. The 2016 winners, in alphabetical order, are: 1. Cape Verde. 2. Dominica. 3 …
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They Quit Their Jobs to Live in a Cargo Trailer and Travel
An Alaska couple is proving that you don't need to win the lottery to quit your job and travel the world. On May 31, 2015 Curtiss O'Rorke Stedman and Kelly Tousley left their careers, sold nearly everything they owned, and set out on a road trip …
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Well | Ask Well: Travel Constipation

Well | Ask Well: Travel Constipation
Traveling throws off one's routine — and constipation may be one result, said Dr. Brooke Gurland, a colorectal surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic. “We're creatures of habit,” including when it comes to bowel movements, she said. “People have a time when …
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CDC May Warn Pregnant Women Against Travel to Countries With Zika Virus
Federal health officials are debating whether to warn pregnant women against travel to Brazil and other Latin American and Caribbean countries where mosquitoes are spreading the Zika virus, which has been linked to brain damage in newborn babies.
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Carrying a 'throwaway' wallet and other tips in avoiding travel scams
Sid Kirchheimer's guard is perpetually up — and it reaches its zenith when he travels. As the author of the book “Scam-Proof Your Life” and the “Scam Alert” columnist for AARP, Kirchheimer strives to stay a step ahead of would-be thieves. Tourists, he …
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