How the Snow Storm Is Affecting Travel

How the Snow Storm Is Affecting Travel
The winter storm that has hit the East Coast this weekend has scrambled travel plans, leading to 10,850 flight cancellations and more than 5,000 delays since Friday, according to FlightAware. Airlines, ground transportation providers, hotels and …
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The Newest And Best Apps For The Upcoming Travel Year
TripIt automatically collates essential travel info from confirmation emails into an itinerary to a single address, and a digital itinerary, and alerts you to gate changes. The pro version ($ 49 a year) includes flight, seat and fare refund alerts and …
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Clippers consider altering weekend travel plans to avoid Winter Storm Jonas

Clippers consider altering weekend travel plans to avoid Winter Storm Jonas
The Clippers are considering altering their travel plans to avoid the effects of Winter Storm Jonas, which is expected to blanket the Northeast with heavy snow over the weekend. Clippers Coach Doc Rivers said his team might depart New York on Friday …
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Maryland lawmakers override veto of tax on travel intermediaries
With the override of S.B. 190, the legislature once again caved to Marriott's threat to move out of state and voted to increase taxes on over 200 community travel agencies and countless travel service providers,” said Philip Minardi, vice president of …
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BBC travel writer sings the praises of Cleveland and other boring destinations
… in less exciting destinations? Is it possible to travel with no expectations? "We're boring – come visit" probably isn't the foundation of any destination's successful marketing campaign. But it may make for more spontaneous, serendipitous travel …

How the Internet of Things Is Transforming Travel
Whether it's monitoring the performance of airline engines, enabling keyless entry to hotel rooms or helping tourists find their way around Disney World, the internet of things (IoT) is creating exciting opportunities for the travel and hospitality …
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