The top 5 pet amenities in the hotel with the highest scores among pet travelers

For parents looking for pet-friendly travel accommodations, who don’t advertise as “pet-friendly” but have made the leap to “pet-loving,” they don’t smell anymore. There are plenty of 5 paw travel accommodations to choose from.

We recently conducted a survey of more than 200 pet travelers and found that hotels and accommodations that love 5 pet lovers and their pet pampered animals earn their business.

1. Welcome gift

The accommodations that create a great first impression show a commitment to “pet-loving” by offering first-class comfort to their loyal fellow guests. Packed pet utensils (with a nice bow on a paper bag and a custom label), a portable water bowl and a ball toy shell, they offer each of their four-legged friends a welcome gift and watch them cringe and twist. They understand that gesture is more important than content or gift bag. Pet parents are grateful for the small tokens that welcome their furry friends to welcome customers.

Want to know what the main pet-friendly accommodations include in their pet welcome gift? Check out Kimpton Hotels and you’ll be excited about the dogs!

2. Pet bed

Travel can be a tax. Routines are interrupted, new perspectives and sounds and experiences can exhaust even the toughest traveler. Packaging is also a problem, as there is little space left to carry animal bedding and sleeping equipment. Animal lovers are looking for accommodations that offer clean and tidy beds so that four-legged friends can sleep comfortably in peace.

Westin Hotels offer a perfect example of pampering pets with designer dog beds with luxurious beds that include oversized pillows. Elegant dog beds fit perfectly with the decor, matching the design of human-sized beds.

3. Designated Pet Walking / Potty Area

Providing a pedestrian / pot area with shit bags and garbage cans is a must for pet travelers. It is important that this area is clearly marked and separated from ordinary traffic areas as much as possible. Fences in the area are particularly appealing to pet owners, as they can keep a four-legged friend limited and safe while allowing them to exercise.

Clean, well-lit and safe are what animal travelers look for in outdoor accommodations when traveling with their furry friends. Check out Candlewood Suites and their PAW program (pets are welcome) – they do a great job with this!

4. Concierge Services

Like human friends, dogs and cats also want to see the holiday landscape. Pet-friendly pet and cat-friendly attractions and pet-friendly accommodations that get rid of services get a high score with jet-set pet people. Pet parents are looking for hotels and accommodations that truly care for their dog and cat guests, providing a need for a happy and safe stay. They want a caretaker who is local and knows the area well and is responsible for ensuring that their pets have a 5 star holiday experience.

Affinia Hotels and Aloft Hotels are among the pet-friendly hotel chains that offer these services to Fluffy and Fido.

5. On-Site Pet Services

Most accommodations don’t leave guests with four-legged friends in the room unattended, as even the best behaviors are in a weird place. However, when guests need to go with someone without their furry friend, they seek the convenience of pet services such as feeding, filling water containers, walking dogs nearby, changing litter, giving and providing medicine. love, as it should be. Some pet-friendly hotels manage to provide pet massages and basic care!

Loews Hotels do a great job! Services that allow pets include menus for gourmet services for cats and dogs, prepared by award-winning Master Chefs, specialty beds, straps, collars, trash cans (and trash), handkerchiefs, dog walking trails, pet blankets, water bottles. , candy, dog poop bags, raw leather bones, katnip and scratches, pets walking and sitting services.

Experts in hotels and accommodations that support current pets are tailored to the needs and requirements of pet travelers and cater to parents with pets and their precious hooks and kittens, offering pet-friendly services that allow more pet and owner requests.