Boston US Hotels

Boston is one of the richest, most historic, and most influential cities in the United States. The city has nearly 2,000 restaurants and 62 historic sites. Boston was ultra conservative but developed a progressive culture and is now one of the hottest tourist spots in New England. The city receives about 16 million tourists a year, ranking among the top ten tourist destinations in the world. Boston has a perfect blend of international culture and American history that makes it unique. . Boston is one of the oldest cities in the US and seems to have a different European feeling that seems to be embedded in the culture.

You can get $ 400 in luxury hotels for one night or get a room in a motel for $ 30 less.

Boston, unfortunately, is not known for its budget hotels. Even if some bed and breakfast hotels are found scattered around Brooklyn, Cambridge, some research is needed to find them. The most popular B&B is the Boston College Club, located at 44 Commonwealth Avenue, next to Boston Public Gardens. The venue offers rooms for between $ 80 and $ 200. The Midtown Hotel is another budget hotel in Boston, located at 220 Huntington Av. The hotel is close to Symphony Hall, Prudential Mall and Copley Place Mall. Rates range from $ 89 to $ 239

Luxury hotels are located in Tremont, Newbury and Boylston St. These hotels offer some of the best luxury accommodations. The rooms have themes from the old world to the elegant new era. Most hotels in Boston are close to the airport and train station for easy commuting.