Hotels need to adapt to the next generation of guests

For years, the baby boomer generation has dominated and dictated how hotels behaved and marketed themselves. But now that more and more Gen Y and Gen X are traveling, hotels will need to be more responsive to their needs and travel habits. With the emergence of social media as the main marketing platform, hotels will have to refocus their energies on this exciting new medium promised by young and advanced thinking.

Hosts will not find it easy to deal with this change in perspective. It represents radical, albeit absurd, ideas and demands. For example, in the past hotels always left the lights on for customers. There is also a major hotel chain that uses this concept as a slogan. But that’s not always what this young generation wants: with a greener atmosphere and more environmentally conscious, these young travelers would rather be left in the dark. These young people prefer to like the dark, save the Earth and turn on the light themselves to waste all those kilowatts every night. This event is a small taste of the great change that hosts are experiencing around the world. Change not only the way the business is marketed, but also the way the business model is launched.

There are many other issues and changes that the younger traveler brings to redefine the luxury hotel experience. Technology is obviously at the forefront. And not just cutting-edge technology, cutting-edge mobile technology. Bookings, view virtual tours, find rates (and discounts) for not only the hotel’s host but also competitors, view room designs, and look through your handheld electronic device.

If that’s not enough, all of this technology needs to happen before the customer enters your hotel. With your boot on the carpet, you’d better greet the wireless (free and high-speed) Internet, full-service business / fax center, electronic keys (which they delete themselves), flat-screen TVs, satellite TV, Tivo, mobile DVD players. , iPads, iPod music centers and electronic closures. Of course, make sure all this technology is always turned off when you’re not using it! Continuing with the green theme, make sure that the beds, towels and sheets are not changed free of charge and that the laundry or dry cleaning service is as green as possible.

From a design standpoint, hotels are more stylish in furnishing. The taste for modern design of the next century prevails. Your hotel doesn’t look like the XXI. Because of the century, you don’t have the XXI. Will receive a reservation of the century. The younger tastes and younger travelers promised by the dominance of social media will create more and more changes for your hotel. From design, technology, booking methods and marketing, we will find the future of the hotel in front of future generations.