5 Star Deluxe Hotels & Accommodations Washington DC USA

Deluxe Hotels in Washington DC have redefined luxury. In addition to their perfect location, they are becoming an attractive design for buildings. Almost all luxury hotels have beautiful gardens on the premises with waterfalls or artificial fountains.

Luxury hotels are close to monuments or spectacular places. Therefore, in many luxury hotels there are classifications of rooms according to the “views” of the monuments. For example, a room overlooking the city, a room with a view of the White House, and so on.

The rooms are definitely equipped with high quality materials. Some of them have beautiful dressing tables with huge mirrors and walnut-covered supports. The bathrooms are made of marble and have bright and elegant bathroom accessories. Shower heads and hand nozzles have two rain effects. Many luxury hotels have different views of the city from the toilets, which are elevated.

Deluxe hotels have different types of rooms, such as luxury bedrooms, suite rooms, high-bed rooms, diplomatic suites, ambassador suites, etc. Almost all the rooms offer you your comfort. The rooms have a flat screen LCD TV, ranging in size from 15 “to 60”. In some suite rooms, you have a flat screen TV in the bathroom. In the more expensive rooms like the “Presidential suite” or the “Royal suite” you have a piano and a chess table to fill your entertainment. Some of them have a telescope near the double layer of square and round windows to see areas with distances.

For your health, luxury hotels have a spa with health consultants. Some hotels also have links to some resorts. The spa service can be used with some extra payments. In some high-quality rooms you are offered tape and other additional exercises.

The rooms in luxury hotels in Washington DC are decorated with state-of-the-art technology that will surely create a lasting impression on your memory.