Asia Hotels and Budget Accommodation Creepy Crawly Hazards

I’ve been unlucky enough to come across things that bite you at night in some of the Asian hotels and guesthouses where I’ve been next to Asian mosquitoes.

A dizzy hotel was not in my room but a couple of other people received the dose. If hotels or inns do not have a dryer, it will be difficult to remove them if the bed is not boiling very hot for a few minutes. The way to get rid of them personally is that you usually need to get an ointment that kills them and make sure you do all the clothes and dry them completely in the hottest setting, which kills any that might be there. your fabrics or sleepwear.

Bed bugs have bitten me in some of the cheapest accommodations. They are very difficult to remove from the bugs, basically the bed has to be frozen as it is difficult to make in the tropics, or you have to put the whole bed in a plastic bag and apply some solution to kill the bed bugs or insulate the mattress 6. you also need to wash the plastic bag for months, the rest of the bed structure and everything near the bed very well, as the bed bugs can jump on a new or clean mattress and you are contaminated again. It’s a good idea not to carry suitcases in bed to avoid hitchhiking.

You can sometimes put cockroaches in your luggage while you are traveling and take them home. If that’s the case, take your suitcase and shake it very much, and look for the little bastards in every little hole, and if you find them, of course, squeeze them dearly and give the suitcase a good spray with a mistake.

If you get a cockroach infestation in your home or apartment you should bomb the home and put cockroach dust behind the toilet, under the sinks and next to all the water installations you don’t see around the refrigerator. A drop of sweat from a pipe is enough water for a small army of redheads. In the bombing you have to do it 3 times for the first time and wait for the 12 day bomb again, wait 12 days and then the last one. Get out of the dust and if you meet that schedule you will succeed in getting rid of it. Once again the keys are separated 3 times with a two-week gap, which breaks the egg cycle and dust around the water pipes. Cardboard is on their list of favorite foods. Also, if you are in a building with a lot of tenants who can infiltrate from other apartments, fill in all the gaps you can find. Often water and drainage pipes will share common walls; they are areas that need special attention, no water, no needles.

Lice are caught in close contact with someone who is infected, but a pillowcase containing them can also be transferred. They are not difficult to remove basically if you wash the bed after each client you should be fine. If you get a cheap remedy, it is best to buy a dog flea shampoo that works well.

So some general rules are to see if they have changed the bed and to look at the bed to see if there is a small blood stain which is a very bad sign. Open the doors and drawers and look in the bathroom if you see that it is a good sign that things are not moving. If there are towels or curtains, they like to hide crawling crawls and are good indicators. Also, as much as possible, ask for recommendations from people who have been staying there lately, as they know it, and you will do the same without having an unpleasant experience.