Cheap hotels in Rome: Hotels in Rome are cheaper in August

Although accommodation in Rome can be found for 12 euros, you will have to stay with 12 other people in the same room on Euro night. You can certainly easily imagine one of these travelers only snoring or waking you up when you enter the room drunk at 5am in the morning. In my experience, there is good reason to believe that the lowest level in the hostel is not everyone’s cup of tea. Usually, you start looking for cheap breakfasts or hotels near the city center to avoid noise and get privacy.

That said, sometimes Rome is taught to find an empty room for that kind of price and in addition there is also a good service and clean b & b hotel or cheap hotel, if you start looking early enough, there are definitely options. There are many websites on the Internet that list budget hotels, pensions, b & bs, apartments and pensions, but the sites we recommend have been looking for the best budget places in “bella Roma” since 2004.

Rome is a place of myth, story, history and Fellini. Rome is a beautiful city where you can spend great times. Rome was not built in a day, but it is possible to get an overview of the city at the same time. Rome is a beautiful city worth visiting, and most importantly if you have the right shoes, you can walk to all the main places. That’s a huge advantage over big cities like Paris or New York, because the Metro doesn’t run so often either. There are only two meter lines in Rome, A and B. Why? Well, we’ll tell you later in one of the following articles. So much for now, it has to do with all of these earthly monuments.

Rome is epic, showing life like it was about 2000 years ago and it’s so funny that most of the time you don’t have to go into a museum mostly because the ancient monuments are scattered throughout the city center. Rome is the capital of Italy as well as the political, economic, cultural and traffic hubs.

Rome will not be Naples, but the non-Roman Italian adjective with it is reflexively chaotic. As mentioned in many tourist and travel guides, Rome has a reputation for being very expensive when it comes to accommodation. The city center, however, has made a huge impression on tourists as a tourist destination and that is why more and more travelers come almost every year. It was built to surprise tourists in Rome and to see the ancient past and ruins. But beyond its monuments, it is certainly much more than a waste forum.

Rome is usually full of sunny days all year round, but it can get very hot during the summer months, July and August. Half of the city is normally closed, as breathing pain can turn into a steamy city center. All the Romans run away to the beach and guess what it is then, when hotels in August and the end of July are cheap again. If you’re used to the heat, there’s a big bargain in August itself. Rates can be reduced by 100%. So, for example, a 4-star hotel room would cost only 70, – 125 euros. Most of the hotel staff are even more friendly and welcoming at the time, as you can only own half of the hotel room.