5 Star Deluxe Hotels & Accommodations Washington DC USA

Deluxe Hotels in Washington DC have redefined luxury. In addition to their perfect location, they are becoming an attractive design for buildings. Almost all luxury hotels have beautiful gardens on the premises with waterfalls or artificial fountains. Luxury hotels are close to monuments or spectacular places. Therefore, in many luxury hotels there are classifications of […]

Cheap Bristol Hotels for a Romantic Getaway

Explore the city during a stay in cheap hotels in Bristol Bristol is famous for its love affair with hot air balloons, so what better way to start your love affair in cheap Bristol hotels than to see the city from the sky? Take to the air with the Bailey Balloons hot air balloons and […]

Hotels in Manhattan New York

Manhattan is one of the five neighborhoods in New York City and is what most people think of when they represent New York. Manhattan is truly an elongated island and includes most of the most well-known and most visited neighborhoods, including the downtown Financial District. Manhattan New York hotels don’t leave a stone unturned to […]

Things to consider while booking your Brooklyn hotel

Brooklyn, the most populous neighborhood in New York City (NYC), is a favorite tourist destination in the world. The neighborhood is hesitant to brag about the neighborhood’s Manhattan, and it shows a vibrant culture and uniqueness. Brooklyn presents the perfect blend of cultures from around the world and attractions from around the world. From a […]

Hotel History – Hotel history over time

The word hotel originated from the French hotel hotel, derived from the word hote – meaning host. The term referred to any building that originally visited. Today, the hotel offers travelers accommodation, meals and other services for a fee. The first mention of paid lodging would be in biblical times. According to the Bible, Mary […]