Is John Templeton trade Buff Forex system?


The question posed in the title of this article should really turn and ask: is the formula of John Templeton (the use of price action to determine the successful currency trading) is not consistently performed? And the answer is: no. Not in all the years that exist It was to trade the markets. In fact, it is fact that many, if not most, successful professional Forex traders use as a main reference point for the search for successful trading opportunities.

According to John, if you are looking for a trading robot (also called "experts" or EA), which will help you to trade in the forex market, you are barking up the wrong tree when it comes to finding profitable trades. "Trading markets are too complex to allow the robot to make trades for you." There are too many variables that can come into play for any self-respecting forex traders to allow the robot to do it for trade. In addition, this just does not make sense at least to the data, most of these robots are programmed to collect and decrypt. In other words, the data that they see and decipher, not always with the & # 39 are the action data.

And that those who trade using "special performance"? Specific indicators are interesting in theory; and they will certainly make an intriguing point of sale for those who sell forex trading strategies based on the use of these indicators. However, they say only that there already It happened. They show a tendency to halfway of its life cycle. But they will certainly not be able to predict where the market may take a very long time. By the time you enter into a trade, using these figures, you have already lost half of the profit can We did. So, what good is it!

Let's look at an indicator such as stahastyka. According to the so-called "experts", this figure is intended to show you when the market is oversold or perakuplyaetstsa. But as it relates to the currency market, where you buy one currency against another, rather than action-oriented products that compete with those shares, product-oriented? According to John: "Just because it tells you that perakuplyaetstsa currency or resold, it really means that it is time to buy or sell?" The foreign exchange market – a different animal from traditional investments in commodities or goods.

John sees himself as a technical trader who is a laser beam focused on the price action, and so it dekretue all these cunning theorem to invest in the foreign exchange market. "As soon as the traders can get rid of this kind of thinking and begin to focus on what is important for the technical trader, and that the movement of prices, then you can start to call themselves traders." Training material John – search engine potential transactions on the basis of pricing or price action Trading in the Buff teach.

And it is not just a step to their Forex trading; He speaks from experience: "When I first started trading forex, I had to take the lumps, like no other I bought one gadget after another, and after all this, I was obviously neither one gadget will not do the job for me, I'm not going to…. press the button and become a millionaire. "

Instead, he leaned forward and began to study the only signals that he needed to give him the head, in which currency pairs can be invested: the movement of prices. In which currencies you invest depends on the market conditions, which are always in a state of flux. Market conditions will vary depending on whether it is a market that changes or trends in the market. But you should be able to look at the bare statistics and know that you are looking to be able to tell what is happening at the moment.

Fashion forex trading systems will come and go like any other whim. However, if you really want to make money in the forex market, it is better to pay attention to the basics. This means monitoring the price action and the fundamentals that drive price action. That's where the data are created.