Or copper prices are manipulated?

If copper prices reach the maximum amount of time, you can talk a lot about an individual trader, which owns 80-90% of the supplied copper on the London Metal Exchange (LME). Since the LME – the largest exchange f & # 39; yuchersav copper, it led many investors to believe that the last price increase for copper with & # 39 is the result of manipulation or fast compression. LME denied the likelihood that a short squeeze can occur, as in the warehouses there is a lot of copper.

Waiting for a short squeeze can cause factor copper blanks up to the maximum amount of time, but a big factor with the & # 39 is that in the past year, supply exceeds demand in the amount of 436 000 tonnes. This was the result of strong urbanization trends, both in India and in China. China has begun to stockpile copper after prices collapsed in 2008 and remain aggressive buyers to support their urbanizatsyyny boom. China produces about 2 billion square feet of living space per year and consumes about 40% of the annual production of concrete, steel and copper. So to say that the high price of copper – it's just a function of a single company, which attaches to the corner of the copper market is not exactly the case.

Many consider copper prices as a leading indicator for the global economy (particularly emerging markets), and copper – to new highs, which indicate the time, indicating that the construction and economic growth around the world must remain firm in 2011.