multilayer cryptocurrency

Any questions to that bitcoin is converted into a multi-layered system. Well, the answer is – yes. This material aims to delineate the various layers, which is bitcoin. It's all yours!

Have you heard about those who call bitcoin digital gold? It is clear that kryptavalyuta quickly gaining popularity and perception of the world's crypt. It is estimated that the value of the coin will rise above. But also notes that the coin can gain or lose 50% of the cost for one night. This causes speculation among investors, but the coin still with & # 39 is "digital gold". And the question to the & # 39 bitcoin is a multilayer system, you should know that there is a bitcoin on two main layers. This mining and semantic layers.

mountain layer

This layer, wherein the coin created. Bitkoynav addition, this layer also created ester. After creating the coins, these blocks bitkoynav transferred to the book. It produces currency generation. It should be noted that the currency of the transaction is generated, which are contained in blocks bitkoynav. Blocks are known as payment for a transaction. Currency can also be created with the network, or you can say "out of thin air." The main advantage of currency creation of a network is that provided an incentive for the miners.

semantic layer

This provides a very important platform. Semantic layer – a layer in which bitcoins used as means of payment. It also provides a platform for bitkoynav to be used as a store of value. Layer seems to be very important, is not it? Holders bitcoin currency sign this transaction, which signals the beginning of transmission among bitkoynav at the semantic level nodes. The transmission can also be possible by creating smart contracts. Reasonable contracts coins transferred between different accounts.

lightning network

You probably have not heard of lightning. This is the last invention that turns bitcoin community. This layer will be able to work on top of Bitcoin. With this invention, a & # exemplary layer 39 appears, which is located on top of Bitcoins. It will be so interesting. The most interesting aspect is the fact that its price can also be used to make payments. This will be possible through the transfer of value between individuals. With the invention a lightning bitcoin network will transport layer and application layer.

To date, the value of Bitcoin is estimated at approximately US $ 9 billion. It is also known that Bitcoin – a decentralized cryptocurrency. This means that it works without the control of the bank or the administrator. Bitcoin probably captures the world of the crypt.

Also important is the fact that the technology that is used during mining bitcoin, called blockchain technology. It works by allowing you to distribute the digital information, and not copy. Crypto – really interesting topic, and soon bitcoins can overtake our main currency.