Kerala Travel – General Information


Kerala – a beautiful green land, adjacent to the south-western border of the peninsula of India. Kerala shares a border with the north Karnataka, Tamil Nadu in the south and east, and the island Lakshadvep the east.

General information:

Total area and the capital:

Kerala, the southernmost state of India, covers an area of ​​38863 square kilometers. The entire staff is divided into 14 districts, namely: Alappuzha, Ernakulum, Idukki, Malappuram, Palakad, Patanamtytta, Tryssur, Tyruvanantapuram, Kozhykode, Kasargod, kennel, Kottayam, wheels, Uanad. The capital of Kerala – Tyruvanantapuram.

Climatic condition:

Climatic condition in Kerala is very nice. High areas of the state are feeling the cold out & # 39; e, in the middle of a pleasant area outside & # 39; e, and in the lower area is very hot because of the humidity, especially during the summer season. The southwest monsoon, which is a & # 39; is the main monsoon in Kerala begins somewhere in June-July and lasts until August and September. Northeast monsoon begins in October and November.

The ideal time to visit:

The best season in the state – from November to March, the days are sunny and the nights are pleasantly cool.

Spoken languages:

The official language of Kerala with a & # 39 is Malayalam. At the same time kerality also well know English, Hindi, Tamil and Canadian.

Habits with food:

People kerality-like canyon on a vegetarian and no-vegetarian cuisine. Their main staple food – rice and kappa (tapoika). People who are not from the & # 39 are vegetarians, love to feast on fresh water and marine fish. Coco plays a vital role in every kitchen Keralite.

Local transport system:

Within local government vehicles – public buses, which belong to the KSRTC. There are also private buses, which run from one city to another. Taxis and auto-rickshaws are also available in the state.


By Air: In Kerala there are three airports at Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Kozhikode. Among these three, Tyruvanantapuram – the only international airport.

By Rail: Indian Railway & # 39; South railway line runs across the state, which connects all major towns and cities, with the exception of urban areas and Idukki Ueanad. In Kerala there are 200 railway stations in Alapupu, Aluve, Chenganury, Ernakulam, jumping, Kasaragod, node Kayamkulam, Kalamlame, Kottayam, Kozhykode, Palakadskim node Shornurskim transition Talasery, Tryssurskim site, Central and Tirupurantse.

On the road: The wide network of smooth roads connects Kerala to other major Indian cities.

Thus, it is desirable before the tour in Kerala, look for a tourist guide to Kerala.