Dali, Yunnan, China, travel – the best traditional food

In Yunnan province in southern China, home to more than 20 ethnic groups. The kitchen province Usually called Yunnan cuisine, quite varied and influenced by the food traditions of each of these ethnic groups, as well as the countries of Southeast Asia.

Yunnan cuisine, especially the kitchen of one of the most famous cities gave , Characterized mainly by fresh, green, ingredients, such as local vegetables, flowers, fruits and bamboo. The average taste of food is enhanced by the addition of acidic and acute elements that balance the flavor. Most dishes are admirable, as their distinct aroma suppresses nose before you bite.

Yunnan cuisine and Dali is also sometimes known as "Dian". Mushrooms are often represented in the majority of food Dali, which usually also slightly sharp. Some of the most popular traditional Yunnan dishes:

1. Chicken a couple – as the name implies, this dish is served in an earthen jar and contains chicken, cooked with fresh vegetables. it you can make a very sharp But, of course, tasty and healthy. Chicken stand in a pan with vegetables and spices, and stewed for several hours to obtain the desired thickness and consistency. It served mainly with noodles or rice.

Wherever you went to Yunnan, you can try this dish at any of the restaurants specializing in local dishes, or in hotels that cater to tourists. Yunnan restaurants around the world, including the United States, also provide a popular dish.

2. Syuanvey house (Ham) – if you are a person who likes ham or meat in general, you should certainly try this ham, which is very common in Dali. The recipe of this dish originated in Yunnan Syuanvey on the north-east, and over the years it has become very popular among travelers in Dali and even some international restaurants.

Xuanwei ham is clearly associated with this bright color, strong flavor, thin skin, rich taste and delicate flavor of meat . He is so popular and unique that it won a gold medal at the Panama World Fair in 1915. Ham is widely available in any of the Yunnan shops that sell processed meat. Also served in most restaurants Dali, especially along roads RenMin.

3. The earthen pot – a perfect dish for fish lovers, this dish is served in an earthen pot, like a pot of steamed chicken. Clay Fish – a traditional dish of Bai ethnic group living in and around Dali. It is prepared from fish from fresh water, usually caught on nearby Lake Erhai, and is prepared with the addition of spices and vegetables.

A dish of 39 & # is nutritious, tasty and refreshing and is usually served with steamed rice. Sometimes the broth added to the curd beans or tofu, add some texture, which makes it more enjoyable. Adding bean curd broth thickens and gives the dish a distinctive flavor and aroma. Please note, unlike some of the other dishes on the list, has fish not very sharp or hot That makes it ideal for those who have sensitive taste buds.

4. Bamboo rice – Specialty GAI people who live in the southern region Sishuangbanna Yunnan. To prepare this dish, glutinous rice is first soaked in milk or water for an hour or two. Thereafter, the mixture was placed in a bamboo joint and banana leaf used to cover the hole.

bamboo is then placed in the stove with charcoal to cook the rice and mix well to ensure pronounced smoky flavor . Other ingredients include peanuts, onions, and vegetables such as tomatoes and carrots. Usually served with fish or chicken, this dish is available throughout Yunnan, but the best in the southern part of the province.

5. Moon pies – Yes, it is true that the moon cakes are found in China, but the traditional monthly cakes made in Yunnan, are very different. Yunnan is famous for its flavored "roses" in the form of moon cakes, which are made of roses, honey, sugar, cooking oil and flour. You can find them in most bakeries and shops that sell pastries.

Special roses that grow in Yunnan, used for the manufacture of cakes, which are fragrant and crisp character. Basically, they are baked in the fall to celebrate the change of season and mark the final year's harvest.

In addition to the above, in Yunnan there are many other dishes that you can try, such as Erkuay, pineapple rice, noodles Rubingh and the famous "Miksiyan" across the bridge.