How much do they know about you?

Frequent flyer programs have become more sophisticated, but most of the work happens behind the scenes, and passengers may not know how the airline monitors their movements carefully.

Some people argue that the program for frequent aircraft – is an unnecessary expense for airlines and a reason to lower the price of admission. This does not fit the whole point: with proper maintenance they offer an extremely economical way to monitor and keep in touch with their best customers. They work as a form of electronic tag for travelers; casual traveler provided free flights as a reward for the provision of airline travel information.

If the airline says that the passenger travels regularly to Nairobi and introduces a new service on this route, it is an ideal way of communicating with the customer with very low cost. If the airline is really clever, it can be noted that a passenger used the card for hotel accommodation in Munich, but never flew with this airline in Munich. Personalized special offer (tariff reduction, the extra mile, or other bribes) can get a new customer airlines.

In most cases, it is quite reasonable bargain. The airline receives the information, and the traveler receives free flights and some additional benefits. Win-win situation.

Minus comes when you do not necessarily want to track. This is especially the case when you work in a company and are traveling on business. You may think that you have a Gold Card with airline X, but if the airline saw you can book flights through the agent of the company, and this company with & # 39 is one of its corporate clients, it will have to transfer to an employee of the company . It is likely that they will send us monthly reports detailing your travel that could well be the basis of some corporate discounts. If you pay for several trips on vacation, the company has no harm, knowing it; but what if you decide to fly to New York (at your expense) for an interview with another company? If you leave your current employer, your old company will still report the trip as long as you do not tell the airline that moved.

Remember that Jonathan Aitken was jailed for perjury, when he revealed that he was in Geneva at the time, when he declared that he was in another place. British Airways records were used to show that he had hired a car there and used the card executive club.

Program of the lineup there for many years and have not changed. Not all airlines so good track of their clients, but the ones that & # 39 are the best (usually the leading airlines in the world), adding new layers to the information they are stored in the client, and how they use it.

British Airways has developed a proprietary scoring system, in which the participants cards were rated from 0 to 100. This means that there are travelers with gold cards, which have a higher status than the other passengers Gold Card. In this system, the status is acquired not only raced, but also general commercial significance of the employer. These indicators do not like either the traveler or the airline for many employees, but they can see and use the senior staff at the reception (the people who make the decision to raise the qualification or due to overload). .

Other airlines quietly began to add other data in the data that they store. Typically, airline seats comply with the rules, but some are now able to add such a drink and even the type of movie you want to see. There is a fine line between being to learn about the client that it has the best service, and know too much personal information, especially since you are unlikely to let you know what information the airline saves.

We are big fans of frequent flyers, but you need to know about their shortcomings. cases, if you prefer to travel anonymously may occur; in this case, probably best to use another airline, because the usual airline can you keep track of, even if you do not quote your card number. If you leave your current campaign, you really should inform the airline and make sure it points out the changes.