F & # 39; yuchersy for heating oil and new highs

F & # 39; yucharsnyya oil prices this year may reach new highs due to crude oil price increases and the fact that a new refinery has not been built in the US since 1976. This limited capacity of the refinery allows you to f & # 39; yuchersnyya prices for heating oil vulnerable to a sharp rise in prices. refinery problems, problems with the weather & # 39; it, the political tension in the region of the world, which produces oil, or any other problem, which impedes the flow of oil distillates from point A to point B.

The refinery has a great interest not to keep too much fuel. Storage costs and insurance are cut into profits, so it makes sense to produce distillates as needed, and not before. This can artificially limit the supply and may affect the P & # 39; yuchersnyya prices for distillates up. The current situation in the United States – a 27-year high inventories of distillates, and, therefore, prices are close to the annual minimum. This may leave energy markets vulnerable to a bullish price hikes over the next few months, especially if a typical trend of growth in world demand using existing stocks of heating oil in the second half of the year.

hurricane season now lasts from June 1 to December 1, and any major storms in the Gulf of Mexico can cause the evacuation of oil drilling platforms. Brown can also close the important ports and sea road, if they approach the mouth of the Mississippi River. Near the coast of Texas also there are many refineries, which may be damaged or closed, depending on the severity of thunderstorms. Any disruption in the production or transport of heating oil from point A to point B may push f & # 39; yuchersnyya rates are much higher.

F & # 39; yuchersy, options and foreign exchange products carry significant risk of loss. Past performance is not indicative of future results.