Strategic trading strategy – trading the odds correctly and win

Many traders consider the market as a predictable or transferred to some set theory, which means that they can predict prices in the Forex market, but can not. way to win in the Forex market is to trade the odds, and here we show you how to do it right …

There is a large industry confident fire trading systems and unwanted robots that tell you that you can predict prices in advance, but it's rubbish. Forex prices are made by people, and they are not predictable in absolute terms.

If you try and predict you are simply hoping and guess, and for that you will not be awarded.

The basis of your trading strategy on forex trading should be chances.

You're going to play sometimes, but if you continue to trade high odds, your winners exceed your losers, and you will win in the long term. If you want to know the most successful group of traders in the Forex market, they do not have the expertise in mathematics, they have experience in the professional game cards.

More millionaires come from poker than any other industry, and the reason is simple – they know how to play the odds, and they do the following:

They have the patience to wait for the right opportunities and do not overcome the trade

They are not worried about losing, that is, reaching his hand, because they know that they must take their losses and save their kids.

If they get a better chance they will maximize their profits and give it to the full value.

Poker players may not be as smart as mathematics, and many may not have higher education, but they know how to win, and the Forex market is perfect for them.


Since only a simple system based on the chances, but this requires a great discipline, and this is something that poker players to trade in the Forex market is necessary – discipline to keep losses small and make a profit.

In Forex trading most traders lose, because it has no discipline. They do not see that the loss of & # 39 is part of winning, not able to keep your losses small and to snatch profits.

These traders have some time to play poker! When they realized what they have learned on the cards in your Forex trading strategy, they will find that they are much better traders.