Planning a trip to Tour North America

In the United States, there are things to see and do than can be achieved over a lifetime, so it needs to carefully choose which sites and sites critical depending on the type of interest. To date, the camping – it's a great way to explore our country economically with the convenience of staying at home. So let's plan to travel on the lower forty-eight states and Canada. To do this, you need to plan three to four years. Now, how to do it?

First, write down every state and province in Canada on the paper. Pretty simple task, if you can call on all States, if not a map of the country will help in this process. This is followed by the tourism department of each state into Google, asking for tourist guides and state maps. For the most part it should be pretty easy. However, obtaining some information from Canada may take a little more effort, some provinces may even make a phone call, do not worry, they have a toll free number. In some states, travel information will be broken down into categories or in the various brochures, located within the state and in other states, only one brochure. A couple of weeks will push mail, they will post those days, you may have to bring it to the front door. After about six to eight weeks, one will stack height of more than two feet. Now it may be preferable.

The next task – it is arranged to keep track of it? Simply, Excel spreadsheets. A good idea to & # 39 is to take the US map and a black marker to divide the country into six sections. South East, South Central, South West, North East, North Central, North West and one for all of Canada. In general, the seven table names. On each table, create a tab for each state and province. The next step – a lot of reading and, of course, viewing photos.

Looking at the brochures for travel, it can be said that some States are making great efforts with information about his condition. As you know, good shots are attracting a lot of attention, while some states did it, others do not. The idea is to simultaneously finish one state. If you read the brochure, the Google anything interesting for you, if you like, put on the state tab, the site name, web link, city, address and any fees associated with it.

Once you have all the information on every "States" tab, it is time to organize the sites at the location in the state. Google map – the perfect tool that will help in this process. First, divide each state into nine sections, such as the North-West, Center West, South-West. For the most part the majority of the states should be fairly simple to post interesting places in geographic locations. Until now, Texas and California, due to the size of each state, can be quite complex and time consuming. As a remark, do not be surprised, in all states there is nothing to see and do elsewhere, particularly Canada at the extreme northern parts.

The idea is to stay at the campsite, which is located in the center of the city, to places you want to visit and move to the next place. For this task, you must join the camping Good Good and All Stays Pro, both have camping cards to North America with most of these camps. This should be a great tool, from which you can choose a campsite. You can open a Web site of the camp and read all about them. Try to aim for about five to seven campsites in each location for future planning. List of camping, price, number of sites and their ratings in spreadsheets. Then you can use the Google map, to find the distance from the campsite to every place you plan to visit. This will give you an idea of ​​which camp is best place for your stay.

The final step to & # 39 is a route planning, the most effective. Note that in the northern part of the campsite in the north of the current seasonal, and seasonal temperatures anywhere. Length of stay in each location should be determined by what you plan to do, given the time that they can offer the locals and little down time. Due to pricing your campsite short stay shall be seven days, and the longest thirty-one days.

Last and most importantly, what you need to decide, it is their home and personal belongings. Keep the house for a long time, maybe you will not, can be quite expensive.