Kapadakiya – Turkey Geological wonderland

Arrival in Cappadocia seems to join the Lord of the Rings landscape. Around the stones were whipped into an equal right bends, like icing on the cake. Walking through Gorham, the epicenter of the region, you pass slopes, which shine green with tender vine. Old-timers, and a man walking on goat trails, doubled loads of firewood.

Beyond the gardens, which are filled in the fall, you will be in the fields of giant petrified toadstools that rise high into the crystal sky. Cappadocia noted & # 39; fairy chimneys & # 39; – the final work of the sculptor: native wildlife. Time brought the volcanic terrain into a twisted brew topographic whim.

The man went on nature trails, which pulled out of the house these rocky cones. Some have been upgraded as a luxury hotel, so book your cave and live like the ancient (en extra rooms). Take a walk through the valleys, and you will find hundreds of churches, chapels and monasteries, carved out of stone. Uzdymaytsesya rickety stairs to the dark entrance, step inside, and your view will be met by persons of saints that adorn the walls, arches and pillars, carved by local Christians about 700-1,300 years ago.


o A trip in a balloon. Soaring in the blue sky and see the magical landscape.

o Stay in the cave! Release your inner trogladyt and look in one of the cave hotels in the region.

o Hiking in Ihlara Valley. Walk to the edge of this natural chasm, and you'll see a green belt, green oasis, which dried out through the rocky desert. Hike along its depths, and you will encounter Byzantine churches carved out of rock walls.

o Open Air Museum Goreme. Find some time to stroll through the ruins of this vast Christian complex, delving in and out of the bright sun, showing a cool, dark inter & # 39; EASURES ancient churches, painted with frescoes.

o dasledavats underground city. Deep beneath the dusty ground of Cappadocia are ancient towns, a huge Trusova weapons depth of tens of stories that gave shelter to people from the age of the Hittites to the rise of the Turks.

Travel Information

If you go: Spring and autumn. Mid-April to early June and September-October are the best times to avoid the intense summer heat and crowds. If there is snow in the winter, the place shines, glitters and more fascinating.

How long: at least three days to see the highlights, or a week, to really lose yourself in the landscape.

Planning: There are some excellent tour operators who can help organize trips if you do not have your own transport, but make sure they are not going to carry you to the endless shopping carpet shops. Give some free time to wander.

Inside information: it is not in all the churches. Cappadocia landscape makes it an ideal place for outdoor activities, and there is growing number of proposals: from hiking to mountain biking, horse riding to white water alloy.

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