Island of Santa Maria, the Portuguese island

Azores Islands – a group of islands located in the North Atlantic and consist of 9 islands, 1,400 kilometers from Lisbon, Portugal. The third largest island of Santa Maria – one of the most popular islands in the tourists with neighbor San Miguel. Both islands are of volcanic origin and throughout its history recorded sizmichnyya testimony.

Island Yellow / Sun Island

Santa Maria is considered different from the other islands because of its terrain and hot climate.

In Santa Maria clearly delineated flat solar plains southwest of the coastal area and the lush vegetation of the hills and mountains to the north / east. Most of the rain falls in the hills, where clouds reach the high land, encouraging them to throw rain. Santa Maria is known as the "Yellow Island" and "Sun Island" because of its sunny yellow wild flowers, and because it is more sunny and dry, than the rest of the island. In fact, Santa Maria is famous for its beautiful flowers from the whitewashed buildings, red soil, lush green vegetation and pristine golden beaches.

The highest point on the island – Alto Peak, altitude 590 m This is an excellent point of view to look at the entire island and enjoy the beautiful scenery and views.. Due to the spectacular views from the Peak Alto is popular with walkers and leisure.

Resorts / places to stay

Villa de Porto – the largest city in Santa Maria, as well as the oldest in the Azores. There is a port with a fortress overlooking it, at the top of the cliff. To reach the castle, you will need to walk through the narrow winding streets to the top. Do not wait for a packet of resorts catering to the masses when you visit Santa Maria, is a secluded, remote but picturesque island, which offers a quiet beach holiday, surrounded by the traditional way of life.

The beaches of Santa Maria

Santa Maria has a lot of golden beaches that are relatively pristine and attracts vacationers seeking rest and relaxation in beautiful surroundings. To visit the beautiful beach of the bay of San Lurenka, widely revered as the stunning beach located on the background of the rocky outcrop between the soft golden sand. A large area of ​​the wide open beach, go to the Praia Formosa on the south coast of the island, where you can take part in water sports and recreation or simply look into the deep blue Atlantic sea and watch as the world goes.

Places to visit and activities

Due to the volcanic origin of Santa Maria has a unique geological attractions in the form of Martian landscapes around the island. Visit Peak Vermelo and ensure sculptural landscape and waterfalls on Rybeyra do Maloase or Cascata do Aveiro. The stones are also found on the island of Santa Maria, presumably to five million years in the form of shells and sea urchins, as well as the teeth and jaws of sharks.

You can take a boat trip to see the caves along the coast and fossils or take a fishing trip. Paragliding is also popular, as there are many sheltered bays to choose from. If you visit in August, it is expected that you will participate in one of the many activities this month, the festival of Our Lady of the Assumption, which is a & # 39 is the patron saint of the island (Festa da Nossa Senhora da Assuncao) to Santa Maria rally. If you are passionate fans of the rally, use any late offers for Santa Maria at this time to book your holiday.