France for the elderly

Do not doubt that France – one of the most attractive places in the world to travel. He has it all: from the beautiful streets of Paris to the lush, green Winnie the country to the glamorous beaches to snow-capped Alps to Disneyland and much more. France is also a & # 39 is a great place for older people, in particular, with different kinds of discounts and savings opportunities across the country. Here are our top tips for the elderly in France.

Save on train journeys. In France, there is one of the most extensive rail networks in Europe – you can get from anywhere in the world and almost anywhere else. SNCF (French national railway company) Carte Senior entitles people over 60 years of discounts of 25-50% on all train ride, even if you do not advance zamovlyaetse for the entire year. The card also allows you to get a 30% discount for travel in the railroad in 22 other European countries. Better yet, save if you book and pay for travel by rail before leaving the country.

Look at all the wonderful museums. Many museums and monuments of the French offer a discount for older travelers, in some cases up to 40%. On some sites, the discount starts at age 65, but if you are older than 60 years, always remember to ask just in case and bring a passport or other identity, in case they ask you to prove your age! The Louvre has a perfect score 6 euros on Wednesdays and Fridays from 18:00 to 21:45

Bring a phrasebook. While most of the tourist & # 39 sites, restaurants and hotels around Paris will operate an English-speaking staff, if you go on to France, you may encounter difficulty. But several basic phrases in French from you and at least some English skills of local human language, you should be able to miss the mark. I have lived in France for some time, regional, and they love Australians. Before you say anything, I would say in French: "I'm sorry, I'm from Australia, I do not know the French language." Learn how to say it in French – they will like you for it.

Exchange house. It can not get more press, but savvy travelers have saved tons of money by sharing a house on one of its points in decades. It has 29,000 homes around the world, including France. You never know if you can get out of the locked in Bordeaux for the song!

See how the world goes. One of the favorite activities of the French – sit outside a café and discuss matters of the day over a cup of coffee. Try it yourself, and you are sure to get a great flavor of the local atmosphere, regardless of where the visit to France. This is one of my favorite activities. Choose a place that is frequented by locals, and it does not cost you an arm and a leg.

Fly to France on the cheap. Air France offers seniors a 10% discount on domestic flights across the country. The airline also offers 10% discount to those who are older than 62 on selected international flights – be sure to ask when booking of.

Stay safe. Recently Tripadvisor popular site users admitted to Paris the fifth most common city with the edge of the pocket in the world, so check out your values ​​in the "City of Lights" – unfortunately, I can vouch for that first hand