The trick to the Bitcoin "e-commerce"

The trick Bitcoin e-commerce – is basically if you take a "crypto" money in e-commerce store (for real goods). While the resulting payment will be 100% "crypto", you will be able to exchange the "cost" of goods sold (COGS) goes through the exchange, and store profits as "crypto".

The aim is to avoid an increase in the prices of basic "crypto" assets, which should increase your profits. Obviously, this works the other way – the fact that it can also lead to loss of profits due to the falling prices of "crypto" tokens, which you have paid. However, as a rule, if you play well in this game, you should be able to significantly increase its profit by this method.

This lesson will briefly explain the different aspects of how it works. This means that you must ensure that you fully understand what you are doing, and how the process will continue to grow …

Firstly, when you run a store, "e-commerce", you will have to accept payments.

With a plethora of services on the internet today (including such Stripe and PayPal) you have many ways to "receive" payments without the need for traditional "trading account".

One of the new ways to do this with a service called BitGo. This is the "receipt of payment" for "crypto" tokens. Basically, it allows companies to make "crypto" currency for their goods or services, allowing users to take full advantage of the sympathy Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., without fear of any security problems (BitGo largely focused on the implementation of Security).

This means that if you receive money through the "crypto" tokens, while their value is often correspond to different "fiyatnym" currencies – they tend to be very volatile. For this reason, it often happens that many owners of ecommerce stores simply "swap" their "crypto-tokens" to 100% fiyatnuyu currency or at the end of the month or after receipt of order.

"The trick," which is used by a large number of shop owners is to actually save them profit ecosystem "crypto". This means that they pay for everything else – including the similarities COGS, warehouses and administrative expenses, while maintaining a net profit on their foreign currency accounts.

By doing this, they have nothing to lose (and everything to gain), allowing its fund drive via BTC price waves and other "crypto-tokens" – multiplying their possessions faster than any savings account.