Party, Portugal – Tourist Guide

Oporto city is built on the steep hills surrounding the mouth of the Douro River on the west coast of Portugal. Steeped in history from Oporto & # 39 is the perfect year-round holiday destination for visitors who are looking for more than just sun and beaches. Oporto has an amazing combination of districts, although most of the holidays in support aimed at coastal quarter Rybeyra, who & # 39 is on & # 39; UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The historic city of Oporto has a huge range of architecture, the cathedral of the 12th century, old temples, the bridge Maria Pia, which was built by Eiffel (Eiffel Tower Paris fame) and was once the longest arch bridge in the world, leading medieval oil. on the steep cobbled streets of the old quarter of the coastal, waterfront bars and cafes, shops, parks and gardens. When it comes to rest, the support is a set of traditional taverns and restaurants where you can enjoy local cuisine, fish and seafood, as well as local Windows Verde. Enjoy shopping in the city's traditional shops and covered market or zanyasitsesya culture, including art, furniture and ceramic museums, theaters and galleries.

Climb the baroque Torre dos Klerygas to get a great panoramic view of the old town and a photographic opportunity not to miss. Visitors climb the 240 steps to the top of the iconic sights! Holidays in Oporto is complete without a walk through the two & # 39; tiered Bridge Dom Luiz to suburb of Vila Nova de Gaia, where on one side you will find the famous port wine lodges and Ribeiro on the second. Here, in the port lodges, you can try the ports of the three sub-zones of the Douro Valley, the first demarcated wine region in the world. You can also buy the famous cellars like Sandeman and Taylor that produce fortified wine (port), named after the famous city of Oporto.

Seven & # 39; and will love to explore the maze of narrow lanes, which are set out houses with brightly colored blue and white tiled facades and balconies, abkinutymi flowers. Your favorable vacation in Oporto there are many interesting excursions, including trips to the seaside towns, small fishing villages, small towns and villages, where you can explore the old monasteries, churches, castles, fortresses and bridges. A great day for the whole family & # 39; and & # 39 is a cruise on the Douro River, which runs through the picturesque Douro Valley with a stunning backdrop terasavanyh vineyards and quaint towns. Gimares – on & # 39; World Heritage Site, where you see a beautiful medieval, Gothic, Roman and Baroque architecture.

Holidays in Portugal would not be complete without a day or two on the beach. The most popular beach resorts close to Oporto – this Atlantic resort of Foz, Vila Cha, Powai de Varzim, Santa Tyrsa and Kabadela the north and Esmoryz, Espino (long golden beach with a casino) and Kortekaka (excellent for surfing) to the south.

The center of night life mainly on the old coastal area Caissa-to-Rebeyra, student bars Kardaaryi, as well as more trendy bars, clubs and cafes in the art deco style and chic restaurants.

Sic enjoys long hot summers with almost constant sunshine in June and September. Spring and autumn are warm with plenty of sunshine and an ideal time for a cruise on the Douro River and explore the many historical sites that can offer Sic.