7 famous sights of Budapest Hungary

1. Royal castle – One of the most popular attractions of Budapest with the & # 39 is the Royal Palace. Built in the thirteen hundreds, this massive structure has a history that goes far enough, and the lock includes a number of different building styles and architectural influences. Information about traveling in Hungary for the castle is widely available due to the high popularity that it enjoys visitors.

2. Matthias Church – Matthias Church, formally known as the Church of Our Lady, with the & # 39 is one of the most visited and famous tourist attractions. Ever since the church was built, it took more than seven hundred years, and it is used today for the Mass and other events. Unique and complex architecture of the church, as well as the fascinating history attract visitors from around the world.

3. Budapest Parliament House – In Hungary, the travelers information about the popular attractions are always listed Budapest's Parliament House, which is located directly on the Danube River. It is very big and the royal structure is massive and contains many treasures and amazing sights. The tour allows you to see the inter & # 39; er and many treasures, including the crown of the first Hungarian king a thousand years ago.

4. The Great Synagogue and Jewish Museum – One of the most famous sights of Budapest with the & # 39 is the Great Synagogue and the Jewish Museum. This vista included in all travel information about Hungary because of the historical significance. Location – a former Jewish ghetto of World War II, and the Synagogue – the second largest in the world with the ability to accommodate thousands of people.

5. fisherman's Bastion – One of the finest of all the popular and well-known sights of Budapest – Fisherman's Bastion. All seven towers are very decorative, and even fishermen that were built to protect the area, they were never used in combat. There are stairs, monasteries and many other features that make this attraction a must.

6. thermal baths – All the brochures and booklets with information about traveling to Hungary mention the thermal spas in the area, as well as a treat for visitors. These thermal waters considered to be curative, and people come from all over the world to dip into them.

7. St. Stephen's Basilica – The largest church in the country, this is one of the most unique attractions of Budapest in a different way, one that can not always be referred to for information about traveling to Hungary. In this church is the mummified hand of St. Stephen, which incidentally was the first leader of the country, and the right hand is considered a religious relic.