Dapitanski tourist guide

Dapitan when sleepy town on the Zamboanga peninsula, is steadily becoming one of the most prosperous areas of travel in the Philippines. Thanks to improvements in the field of tourism and public transport, Dapitan City entered the list of the most popular tourist hot spots most Philippine travel guides. The town attracts local and foreign tourists for its rich combination of natural and historical attractions. Dapitan, which last year received about 300 000 tourists, called the city of the Philippines shrine.

Dapitan, located about 650 kilometers from Manila, served as the home of the expulsion of Dr. Jose Ryzalya from 17 July 1892 to 31 July 1896. Therefore it is not surprising that almost all Dapitenas, both young and old, know more about the national character than the average Filipino. Ryzalya shrine – a major tourist attraction Dapitan. The 16-hectare estate in Barangay Talis has many memorable memorials Ryzalya and replicas of houses that he built for himself, his relatives and disciples. To get to the temple Ryzalya relatively cheap and easy. Just enjoy your tricycle, and it will take you to the historic attractions in about ten minutes. Some of the interesting places of holiness: Cash Cuadrado, Casitas de Salud and Aqueduct.

Going on a memory path, relax and rasslabitsesya in the famous resort of Dakak Park Beach Resort. This world-class premises in Taguilon is just 15 minutes from the Rizal shrine. Private part of the & # 39 is a favorite among local and foreign visitors, thanks to the white sand beach which is ideal for swimming and diving. The resort Dakak Park Beach Resort has a variety of vacation packages that all day offers sumptuous dishes. Of course, dinner and stay in Dakaku not disappoint.

Dapitan more than a shrine Ryzalya and Dakak beach. This is no ordinary city. Dapitan also has its share of beautiful and exquisite events and festivals. To earn money, go to Dapitan in July, when he celebrates Kinabao Festival. This exotic and picturesque pageant, which restores the Spanish-Moorish wars. The festival, which runs from July 16 to 25 coincide with the feast of St. James the Great, patron of the city. Another no less interesting event – the festival Handuraw, which celebrates the life and work of Ryzalya. This three-day event will be held from 28 to 30 December.

Recently, the local tourism sector received a big boost with the opening of the Gloria de Dapitan. This trohgandernym mall behalf of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroo computer is bowling, fitness center, arcade center, bars and restaurants. Gloria de Dapitan also & # 39 is the perfect place to unleash your screams, which break down the decibels, as it has a theme park with 31 attractions to choose interesting.

Dapitan also & # 39 is a haven for hungry lips, especially seafood lovers. Indulge in a variety of dishes prepared with the freshest of sea resources of the city. In addition to luxury hotels and resorts, there are the usual restaurants that offer seafood treats. There is so much more to discover in Dapitan. Tourists can also make golden memories by visiting the Cathedral of St. James the Great Sta. Cruz beach, hill and help Ilihan map of Mindanao.

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