Hiking in the Everest base camp in Nepal – Travel Guide and Information

Everest Base Camp in Nepal – one of the most famous campaigns in the country. Nepal is known as the "land of the Himalayas", and although this is a relatively small size, the country includes a wide range of diversity related to geography, culture and wildlife. Among the ten highest mountains in the world in Nepal has eight of them, including Mount Everest – the highest mountain in the world. Thus, a trip to Nepal was one of the most popular adventure among the fascinating travelers and tourists all over the world. The country has a lot of amazing hikes, which differ from each other in terms of topography, cultural awareness and terrain. Every year thousands of trips and travelers visiting the country to enjoy its many natural, cultural and traditional attributes. Among all of Nepal Everest trekking region is considered the most famous and the Everest Base Camp – the most popular trek, which is engaged in a large profit in the country's tourism.

One would think that the trip to the base camp of the highest mountain peaks in the world – it is something that requires a lot of effort and money, but it can not be much farther than the truth. Everest base camp trek in cheap, super accessible, can be done at any time of the year and people from all demographics. Make it may beginners tourists, as well as experienced climbers. The trip to the base camp – a great opportunity to experience in the Everest region (also referred to Khumbu) lots of amazing features and aspects, such as the rich culture of the Sherpa, a beautiful mountain landscape, which is filled with river valleys, canyons, moraines, glaciers and mountain streams and magnificent views and attractions Himalayan range Mahalangur consisting of several of the highest mountains on the planet. Khumbu – Sherpa of Nepal main settlement, and the region has a very rich and dense concentration of traditions and practices of the Sherpa, which are not found anywhere else in the country. Legendary Sherpa people are also renowned for their ability to mountaineering in the Himalayas and agility. As indigenous mountain people generally adhere to their own unique form of Buddhism, Khumbu decorated with numerous greyhound, gumbo, small stupa, monasteries, prayer flags and stone wall carved with Mani. Hiking path base camp trek Everest Khumbu passes through many villages and is on a major mountain rivers that slivayuts region. In addition, the road to the base camp is decorated with Alpine forests, woods and pastures in the lowlands and snow areas as elevation. Views of mountain peaks Seruly such as Ama Dablam, Lhotse, Nuptse, Chang Tamserku, Kongde Ri, and many others, as a permanent residence, as one campaign at a strange path that runs through the heart of the Himalayan region.

at Everest base camp trek

Journey to Everest base camp usually starts with a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. Traveling by plane from the capital to Lukla takes 30 to 40 minutes and is considered one of the most dramatic short airplane trips to Earth. Lukla airport – too exciting airport, located on a cliff and has a single runway, which descends into the open valley below, the end of the runway. It is surrounded by high green hills and mountains, and the countryside is very different to Lukla from Kathmandu. This change is felt as soon as a time to land in Lukla. From the village of Lukla, garden path continues to go through these villages as Faking, Monge, Sagarmatha National Park, Namche Bazaar, Tengboche, Dyngboche and Gorakshep before you finally reach the Everest base camp. Usually travel trek lasts two weeks, but the duration may be adjusted in accordance with the requirements and amenities tourists. Duration from one place to another takes 5 to 6 hours, as the distance between two villages in Khumbu is from about 10 to 12 kilometers. Acclimatization to the altitude at the terrain is usually held in the famous mountain town of Namche Bazaar and Dyngbosh.

The best time for trekking in the Everest base camp

Trekking can be done at any time of the year and can be done throughout the year. Nepal is mainly going through four main seasons – autumn (September-December), Spring (March-May), winter (late December to February) and summer (June-August). Autumn and spring seasons are the best seasons for hiking trek to the base camp, because in these months the conditions out & # 39; I was extremely favorable and appropriate. Clouds are usually scattered and mountain views clear. Summer and winter is not ideal for hiking, but it is still possible to go a journey. Monsoon occurs in the summer months, and hiking trails are muddy and slippery with constant rain. Views of the mountains, too, are not as clear as the autumn or spring seasons. In winter, high mountain passes are usually blocked due to heavy snow in the region, causing severe cold temperatures. That is why the autumn and spring are considered peak season trips, as most expeditions to Everest arrives during this time, and hotels and plane tickets quickly zabraniruyutstsa.

The main hiking equipment

The main equipment for trekking to the Everest base camp includes a proper hiking boots, sleeping bag, duffel bags, hiking poles and proper hiking clothes. It is important to have hiking boots that you are comfortable and "broke". Hiking boots, you do not like, can lead to a & # 39; blisters on his foot and just unpleasant journey that constantly breaks the feeling of uncomfortable boots on the highlands. That is why the existence of good and comfortable hiking boots (any brand, as long as you are comfortable wearing them). It is also strongly recommended to pack as much as possible light. Lightly pack will lead to less hassle and the chance of losing things. In the mountains wearing porters tend to carry things. A porter can carry up to 25 kilograms of weight between two people. Thus, packaging the glove bag, which does not exceed a weight of 12 kg, with 39 & # is the most suitable method. Hotels in Kathmandu also provide services with lockers for safe storage, you can store excess luggage, not very necessary for a hike. In Kathmandu, there are many shops selling camping and hiking equipment. You can take them for rent / hire as soon as you arrive in the city, and before you start the campaign. The correct jacket is required, but if you pahozhutse autumn or spring, the temperature during the day is a soft warm, and you can comfortably go to the T-shirts and hiking shorts. When the sun is the sun goes down, the atmosphere is cold, so warm hat, woolen socks and jackets handy. Other essentials may include sunscreen, sunglasses and hats walking.

Accommodation and meals while traveling

In Kathmandu, there is a wide range of hotels, from three-star to five-star. But as soon as the campaign starts, accommodation availability in the mountains can be limited to pensions, tea houses and lodges. Places like Namche Bazaar, Phakding and Lukla, really have available pensions, offering additional services, but in other places there are basic rooms for hotels. This does not mean that housing is not comfortable. On the contrary, pensions and lodges are very comfortable, there is breakfast and dinner. As a general rule, be placed in the apartments with two houses for recreation can be in the mountains, and sometimes it takes a campaign to share the room with other campaigns (of the same gender). Electricity is available in all guest houses and some even have a Wi-Fi service. Laundry service is not actually available, except in Namche, Lukla and Fakdinga, and for the use of hot water you need to pay extra fee.

As for meals, allowed both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Breakfast in the Var guesthouses can & # 39; iravatstsa from oats, toast, eggs, pancakes and juice to dumplings, noodles and pasta. At lunch in trekkerav usually eat rice and vegetables. Lunch is served on the way from one place to the next day. Drinking water can be bought in the shops in the mountains. The cost of a liter of water during the hikes of about US $ 100, or 150. The trackers can also bring along water purification tablets. This method with the & # 39 is the best drinking water because it is less harmful to the environment, as opposed to buying plastic bottles of water in the mountain, and it is easier to carry and carry. In the villages in the mountains there are many sources, wells and pumps, and filling the bottle and clean it with a pen tablet makes it suitable for drinking. It is important to know that tap water is not suitable for direct consumption, and before using the water during a campaign must use the precautionary measures, such as water purification tablets.

Altitude disease and acclimatization

The height of the disease – a condition of the body, which occurs when the body is unable to adapt to the high altitude in the mountains. The emergence of this disease Var & # 39; iruetstsa from person to person. If the symptoms are not taken care of properly, the condition may even become suras & # 39; oznym. That is why for the proper and sufficient acclimatization time is important to march to the body allowed to adapt to the differences in elevation. Uzaravanne hike without proper acclimatization is strongly recommended, especially for new campaigns. Some of the symptoms include headache, loss of sleep and appetite. It is important to stay properly hydrated while hiking, and eating with pleasure. It is recommended to slowly and steadily in its own convenient step. Cure for the disease also can be taken to reduce its chances. Drugs such as Diamox, help. Some tourists even take medications from the beginning of the campaign from the Kathmandu. If symptoms occur, and no one will be able to go on, it is recommended to stop and rest until the person feels better before continuing.


In Kathmandu there are many money exchange centers, where you can exchange foreign currency. Accept foreign currencies in the mountains is not recommended, as it can be a burden. Instead, the exchange of money before starting the campaign – the best way to avoid unnecessary troubles during the campaign. The local currency makes it easy to buy things and pay for services in the mountains.

Everest Base Camp – a journey that takes tourists and travelers of your comfort zone, but it is one of its many attraction. This journey immerses tourists into a deep sense of achievement when one reaches the highest mountain peak base camp. Travel also contains many highlights, such as the item Kalapattara, which is famous for panoramic views of the entire array of Mount Everest, the Monastery of St. Tengboche, Glacier Khumbu and Ledapad town of Namche Bazaar is also called the "Gateway of Mount Everest" Sagarmatha National Park, the verdant forests rodadendran and, of course, the Himalayas. This is a great way to watch the Sherpa culture and enjoy the mountain scenery Khumbu. It is a journey that must be done at least once in your life!