Beaches Chennai Travel Information

Magical beaches in Chennai – the best place for leisure travelers from the hot and humid weather & # 39; I. It is the fourth largest metropolitan area in India. Chennai beaches are famous for their natural appearance in the world. All beaches in Chennai are limited groves that looks nice.

Beaches in Chennai have their own importance. They share their borders with the Bay of Bengal. Tourists from local communities to national and foreign tourists interested in visiting Chennai. If you want to see the spirit of the fisherman, then it is better to visit Chennai beaches early in the morning when they go fishing. People are very fond of and relax, visiting the beaches of Chennai.

While Chennai has many beaches, but three of them – excellent.

Marina: This is the second largest beach in the world. It lies on the east coast of Tamil Nadu. Sandy Beach Marina – this is the biggest crowd of the crowds. People are attracted by its sandy beach, where they enjoy their morning and evening walk. Usually people like to morning and evening walks with ruddy sundalam and murukkay, which can be purchased at kiosks on the beach. They also enjoy a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Marina – a dream for almost all tourists around the world. Even Marina also has worldwide fame.

Elliot: This beach is also on the east coast of Tamil Nadu and is located near Besant Nagar. Typically, this beach with & # 39 is a favorite destination for the youth of Chennai. Here on this beach, especially the youth is going to enjoy the evening and night, so it is also known as the beach at night. Here, at this beach you can also enjoy swimming. Usually people choose this beach for the purpose of bathing in Chennai.

Kaveleng: This is a very famous beach. Now it turned into a beautiful resort, owned by the hotel Taj Group. This beach resort also named Fisherman & # 39; s Cove. It is located on the road to Mahabalipuram. From Chennai to Mahabalipuram it is separated from the mainland by a channel. It is an attractive beach and the tourists just want to visit this beach.

There are many other beaches in Chennai, where people go to visit and enjoy their vacation. Each beach has its own significance in Chennai.