Basic information about traveling to Australia

Most people do not know how different things might be on a trip to another country. On the currency in which sports are most popular, you will find that when you are traveling are all very different. To make it less a shock to you, here are some necessary information about traveling to Australia, so you know a little bit about what to expect.

If you think about how to bring any electronics with me, you should know that the electrical outlets in Australia is very different from North America. If you have a cell phone or laptop that you will need to connect while you are here, you will need to purchase an adapter before you go. After the adaptation of these adapters are hard to find. Make sure that you have purchased and do not forget to pack it!

You will see that money in Australia, too, are quite different. The course will be in your favor, if you live in the US, as the Australian dollar worth less. One interesting thing that you will notice about the Australian paper money, is the fact that it is made of plastic. Australia – the first country in the world, which printed plastic money, and changes between 1992 and 1996.

One interesting information about traveling to Australia is that drinking tea in restaurants in Australia not to & # 39 is common. While eating in restaurants you should not feel obligated to give advice. Of course, evaluated, when you do, but it is not expected.

This is one of the most interesting facts about traveling to Australia, which is important to know if you plan to visit. Make sure that you bring home some of their plastic money as a souvenir, if you go home, because you will likely not see it quickly.