Calais – information about the city, the main tourist attractions and travel information

Information about Calais

Calais – a city located in the northern part of France, in the region of Pas-de-Calais, which is an administrative division of a & # 39 is the nation, which gives the territory or province. Kale – the largest metropolitan city of Pas-de-Calais, the capital of which a & # 39 is the third largest city of Arras. The ancient part of the town, Calais center (or Calais-Nord), is located on an artificial island, limited channels and ports. The modern part of the metropolis of Saint-P & # 39; er is located in the south and southeast. Kale can be an ideal pace for a short trip.

The culture of this beautiful city – is a fusion of both France and the UK, as the city is an hour from the UK. Once upon a time lived in a number of important historical buildings and monuments, but almost a full city was defeated heavily bombed during the Second World War, so today in Calais very little war dates. One of the few surviving pre-war buildings in Calais with & # 39 is the Tour de Guet, located in the Nord-Calais in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčArmenia.

High Calais attractions

In Calais houses many attractions for tourists, Var & # 39; iruyutstsa of religious sites, museums, monuments, mesmerizing beaches, dazzling nightlife and good shopping options. One of the best places to visit Calais & # 39 is the bell tower, built in the 13th century and was once used as a light house. Some of the other places, and things that can be enabled include Bellignies, Berck-sur-Mer Kite Festival, Hardelot-Plage-Hardelot Festival, Hareng d & # 39; Or, Hondschoote, Licques, Maroilles Flea market and more.

One of the most amazing things that you enjoy in this town is its beautiful beaches and visit the trout-de-Calais, which dates from 1848, have a look at the top of it and see the amazing views of the beautiful city of Calais. When the sun goes down, Calais has to offer, you can visit the cafes, restaurants, bars and night clubs to enjoy the nightlife in the city.

Information about travel Calais

The best way to get to Calais – a high-speed Eurostar. According to your budget and choice, Eurostar Come with a variety of options.