Travel information Algeria – Africa

Algeria – the second largest country on the African continent. Most of the coastal area is hilly, sometimes even mountainous, and there are a few natural harbors. Algeria is known for its strong cultural identity, Sahara desert, beautiful oasis and mountains.

The population of the benefits:
The most famous cities of Algeria – Oran, Algeria, In Salah, El Halley, Constantine, Bejaia, Tamanrasset, Laghouat, Tagit, Tlemcen, Annaba and Bogna.

In the Algerian capital, there is quite a maze of small oil and whitewashed houses. Constantine has several museums and deep gorge protects the city from almost all sides. Tagit popular among tourists for its oasis and dunes. Oran – an important city and a busy port. Tlemcen has a pleasant mixture Islamic and French architecture.

Natural attractions include Algeria kabyl and Chyfa gorge. Boghni located next to the huge and magnificent mountains Yurzhura. Laghouat – oasis town, there really begins the Sahara desert. The holy city of Beni-GTRI with its protective gates and auction market makes it possible to make an interesting stop.

Tassili n & # 39; Ajjer – known archaeological site, erosion in this area has led to the formation of nearly 300 natural arches. M & # 39; Zab – a limestone plateau, which is concentrated around the Water M & # 39; entertainment, as well as world heritage monument.

Security check:

Over the past fifty years, Algeria has suffered from violence and civil unrest. IMPORTANT: check the website the presence of the most urgent security warnings and which areas have been declared safe for travel. You should also check the Algerian tourism bodies and consulate for travel and safety recommendations.


Dates, leather goods, carpets, jewelery, pottery and paintings.


Arid to semi-dry; mild, wet winters with hot, dry summers along coast; drying with cold winters and hot summers on high plateau; Syroka – a hot, sandy pylavaty and sand, is particularly common in the summer.


Majority religion – it is Islam and Islamic ethics usual acts in much of the country. Keep in mind to drink only at home or in a bar, never on the street.