As cryptocurrency gaining value for money?


Kryptavalyuty – the latest “big thing” in the digital world and now were recognized as part of the monetary system. Actually enthusiasts call it “money revolution.”
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More precisely, cryptocurrency – a decentralized digital assets that can be shared between users without the need for a central body, most of which is generated by a special calculation techniques, which are called “mining”.

Adoption of currencies such as the US dollar, the Great British pound and the euro as legal tender is because they were issued by the central bank; Digital currency, however, for example, cryptocurrency not depend on the trust and confidence of the population to the issuer. Thus, several factors determine the value.

Factors determining the value cryptocurrency

The principles of a free market economy (mainly supply and demand)

Supply and demand – is the main determinant of the value of the total value, including cryptocurrency. This is because if more people are ready to buy cryptocurrency, while others are willing to sell, the value of this particular cryptocurrency increase, and vice versa.

mass adoption

The mass adoption of any cryptocurrency may withdraw its cost to the moon. This is due to the fact that many cryptocurrency have a limited supply at a certain border, and in accordance with economic principles, the increase in demand without a corresponding increase in supply will lead to higher prices just on this product.

Several cryptocurrency invested more resources in order to ensure their mass adoption, with emphasis on the use of its cryptocurrency to the pressing issues of privacy, as well as important everyday activities with the intention of making them indispensable in everyday life.

Fiat inflation

If commodity currencies like the US dollar and GBP, inflated its value increases, and its purchasing power is reduced. This will lead to the fact that cryptocurrency (let’s use bitcoin as an example) are increased in respect of the Fiat. As a result, you can buy more of this fiat every Bitcoin. In fact, this situation has become one of the main reasons to Bitcoin prices.

Scams and cyber-attacks

Scammers and hacks as a & # 39 are the main factors affecting the cost of cryptocurrency, because, as we know, they cause wild swings in the estimates. In some cases, fraudsters can be a team that supports cryptocurrency; they will pump price cryptocurrency to attract nothing padazravalnyh people, and if they invested the money, the price is reduced by fraudsters who then disappear without a trace.

Therefore it is very important to be attentive to the scam cryptocurrency before investing money.

Some other factors that you should consider having an impact on the cost cryptocurrency include:

  • The method, which stores cryptocurrency, as well as its usefulness, safety, ease of cross-border acquisitions and acceptability
  • The strength of a society that supports cryptocurrency (which includes financing, innovation and loyalty of members)
  • Low related to cryptocurrency risks as they perceive investors and users
  • mood News
  • Market liquidity and volatility cryptocurrency
  • Regulations of the country (this includes a ban cryptocurrency and ICO in China and its acceptance as a legitimate means of payment in Japan)



How quickly your data traveling over the Internet?


The speed of light about 300 000 kilometers per second. Did you know the electrons, giving the use of electricity, and travel very close to this speed. Information that travels over the Internet, also traveling at such a speed. Information or modulated electrons fall somewhere around 60% the speed of light in most conductors.
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WiFi signals that travel primarily by air travel is much closer to the velocity of light than the electrons moving through the copper wire. These signals can travel with the maximum recorded speed of light in vacuum, which is approximately 185,000 miles per second.
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Certain calculations show that electrons can move through the conductor at a speed of 90% of light. Imagine how soon these particles can travel in vacuo. To make them go faster, you need to apply a lot more energy. This is because the electron becomes much harder as they reach the speed of light.
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However, the light in space is moving at a speed of 186,000 miles per second. Space considered in vacuo. So maybe light waves are slowed down by friction. Your sunglasses can block UV radiation. In fact, many scientists believe that in order to release the center of the sun after millions of nuclear reactions, need certain types of radiation.
The speed with which moves, is very dependent on the environment, which it moves. Consider whether there is a material through which light can not move. Light can never go through a lead or a different kind of metal. A part of the light wave, or try to penetrate these materials. However, they get only the outer surface and acquire kinetic energy. This means that they heat the surface of these materials are dispersed in anything. Maybe they are a potential energy. The laws of thermodynamics indicate that. The first law of thermodynamics is known as the law of conservation. This law states that energy can not be created or destroyed in a restrained or isolated system. The second law of thermodynamics is an interesting twist of the first law. The second law states that the entropy of any information contained or isolated system always increases.
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Measured the speed of light at 186,000 miles per second. The distance that the information held on the Internet, thousands of miles per second. In fact, the time required to obtain the information comes in an instant. Of course, there are various tools that slow down the process, such as routers and various types of switches. However, a process that slows down this process the information travels – is how quickly people make decisions and are able to contribute their ideas on the Internet. Human ideas can make the Internet a good way to change the world. However, the Internet can also be a method of transmission of evil ideas.

Best wishes.



Tips for saving budget


All that is required when searching for the budget, it is a little planning. For example, a great place to find budget hotel & # 39 is the Internet. They often give you a discount when booking online.
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Here are a few tips for budget travel:

1) Set yourself a maximum number of daily expenses.

2) Think about staying in a hostel if you’re on a real budget. They are much cheaper than the hotel. You can even take a tent – the best low-cost housing.

3) Go off-season. Since this time of year less demand, housing prices are lower.

4) Watch for discounts. Ask at the tourist agencies to see what is offered. They often offer cheap packages.

5) Think about how you are going to travel. Decide whether you are going to take your own car or plan to rent. Renting a car can work more expensive. Other cheaper alternatives include a train or bus.

6) Think about paying only the flight and arrange accommodation on arrival (or arrange it in advance as opposed to paying for a package that can be more expensive). Local prices are often cheaper because there is no middle man, which would raise the price.

7) Ask your travel agent to look for an airline that offers a good discount.

8) Make sure that you have insurance insurance. If it is not, it can be very expensive, if you happen to losses due to medical expenses or lost luggage, etc.

If you arrive at your destination without reservation, at most airports and train stations have booking services of hotels. They will charge a fee for this service. The card can help you save money, not to mention the fact, to make your stay more enjoyable if you know where you are going in the vicinity of their homes.


Simple steps to profit from options trading


If you do not necessarily want to buy any shares, but you want to control, to spend some money. Or it sounds like, what can vzrushytstsa?

Well, if so, welcome option for a quick return or quick losses!

The amount that you spend – it's only a small part of the purchase price, but you can control a large pile of inventory.

If the asset rises or falls, your option will also rise and fall in price. In general, you can expect that options will show greater volatility, and by trading these ups and downs, you will be able to make higher returns, which make investments in shares of place.

A few key points about the options

================================================== == =======

Traders with options using this volatility to get superior returns.

You see that you can make money in the fall value acquiring "PUT OPTION", and you can capture the rise in prices when purchasing "CALL OPTION".

Now there are many policy options, but I believe in it, to make it easy – so I know what I'm doing, and you should too!

People who buy the shares, also protect their holdings by using options.

You can see that the idea of ​​using leverage to buy very old. Let's see what we do not want to spend money, but we want to control and give us the possibility to do so.

Parameters can do 2 simple things:

* They give you a "right to buy" and

* They give you a "right to market" in the future and on the future price.

You do not have to buy or sell, but the life of your choice

decreases since the conclusion of the contract. shortly

Option expires. So you have to trade it!

If we are ready, we either carry our version, we sell the option and make a profit from the trade – or we will cancel their commitment, when we write options.

We may also cancel its obligation when we wrote "PUT", returned. Similarly, when we write a "ring", we can buy it back and cancel the obligation to sell the shares.

I found a home study course, you should take a look if you are interested in using the lever force. Just click on http://www.AllTradingSecrets.com and find our special link on the options that are traded on the main video page.

Okay, so if I still have not scared, I am talking about using leverage via options – let's continue.

When viewing the video you will see the% numbers that are shown in the following example demonstrates the difference in share price movement compared to the option prices.

Now let's move on.

If you buy a share of XYZ for $ 37, and the price is increased by 12% to $ 41.50, you use more of your precious money to capture the move than if you bought, say, the option of $ 35 (strike) at a price $ 3.50 per option.

Now each contract in the US represents 100 shares. Therefore, your total cost is $ 350 per contract. In Australia one contract represents 1000 shares.

If your stock will rise in price, it is adab & # 39; etsya on the option price. Options can be very volatile – so you need to watch out for very carefully prices.

Let's just say your stock reaches $ 41.50, now $ 35 option series sells for $ 6.50. This means a rise in prices by 86%.

So what happened:

margin of 12%

variant to 86%

Do you think any trading situation brings you the greatest gains from trade?

You would rather hold the option or share?

If you answered "stock", I would be very worried about you!

option Disadvantages:

1. Volatility – needs close monitoring.

2. You can lose money on the option, if you do not sell them before it's over.

3. life is short of options – usually months.

4. Do you need education in option trading.

The advantages of options:

1. Leverage.

2. Volatility – can make more money per trade.

3. Less money needed than owning stocks.

4. Play the market up or down – flexibility.

If you increase your understanding, you can do anything that makes every other trader – to make money from time to time !!

You can see that the loss of & # 39 are part of the game – not all of your transaction will be successful.

Playing the game with that in mind will help you better deal, as well as to respect the market and control the risk.

We control the risk in the first place, who is trained! I have chosen this link because I think it will help you understand and trade options much better.


Overview Forex Assassin – what is Forex Formula murder?


Forex Assassin – a new tool for trading in Forex, which has become increasingly popular. This tool was made specifically for the novice trader, which can only save a short period of time for trading. This was done from an ordinary Joe who has to do a day, something & # 39; I have to take care, and simply can not save time on market surveillance all day, looking for indicators, signals and the like, but still would like to raise their trade to a new level.

How do you work with Forex Assassin

Every weekend you spend a few minutes of your time, getting the exact prices with market data. The only thing you need is the price, because Forex Assassin – is a system that is controlled prices. This is particularly easy to understand for the novice trader.

You take your extracted data and connect them to their own formula Forex Assassin. This formula, developed over 11 years of general trade, testing, training and fine-tuning. The formula is to offer you a price "profit" and "stop loss" for any forex pair on which you want to trade. This is your price for the next week.

All you have to do is give the broker the prices and just let the market is heading. These prices make sure that your losses are minimal and the profit maximum, so in general you earn more money with less work.

The best thing about Forex Assassin – is its simplicity. It is easy to use, understand and apply.


The historical light oil price


The price of light crude oil (LCO), is likely to affect the incidents. The Gulf War, which was fought in the Middle East, has become one of the incidents that have caused an increase in raw material costs of light to a higher number. Disasters as hurricane "Katrina" also caused increase light feedstock. In early 2002, light oil price was $ 20 per barrel.

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, he has risen to more than $ 70 at the end of August 2006. Issue 6 missiles in mid-2008 also caused oil prices to $ 78. For this article, the price of oil varies from 70 to 78 dollars per barrel. May God help the common man in the increase in the crude price, and may God help the United States and Iran to come to a good relationship, because it will reduce the price of oil.

Multi-colored crude signs

In the United States: Trenchantnae designation of heavy and light crude diverge. This is a result of categorization of the raw material, which is mainly based on a practical basis larger than theoretical. New York Mercantile Exchange sets light oil, which is produced in the United States, containing the API gravity, fluctuating between 37 degrees to 47 degrees. It defines light crude oil, which is produced outside the United States, ranging from 32 degrees to 42 degrees.

In Canada: Government of Canada department, which is responsible for energy, which is called NEBC, sets the light oil that has a density of less than 30.1 degrees.

In Mexico: Pemex, representing the Mexican authorities on oil, sets of light products containing certain API gravity of 27 degrees to 38 degrees.


Understanding Forex Pips to maximize profits


If you are researching potential investment opportunities in the forex market as a way to more profit or to diversify an investment portfolio, you will probably come across this term, his research, and developing an understanding of the foreign exchange market.

Pip – it is the smallest increment of price fluctuations in the currency. PIP also called "points", and both can be used interchangeably, unless you're talking about FX. Although the most common term for the PIP with the & # 39 is "percentage in point", there is also the assumption that it is the answer of the currency market in the measurement, which can be compared with the correction of the bond traders, which is called the "bps" or "basic points", as measured by the bond market, which is 1/100 of 1% per cent. One Pip, in one USD, equivalent to the fourth decimal place, or 0.0001, or 1 / 1000th dollar.

However, in different currencies that rule is not always applicable, for example, in Japanese yen one equivalent Pip 0.01 yen or second decimal place. If you are wondering why the currency markets traded punch, the answer is quite simple, if the banks and other major forex traders trading millions of dollars, each 0.0001 dollar (USD) is worth ten thousand dollars.

The profit and loss account from the point of view of mathematics is quite simple; it all depends on the size of your position and the number of points that you get, or lose. Pips provide an easy way to calculate the profit and loss account. In simple terms, let us sample the currency pair EUR / USD. Suppose the price of EUR / USD is 1.2841, if the price will rise to 1.2861, it is only 20 points. If the price moves to 1.2811, it just dropped 30 points.

Pips offers a simple way to profit and loss calculations. To convert the example above into account P & L, all you need to know is the size of the position. For example, in the position of 100,000 EUR / USD, the movement 20 pipsav will be equivalent to $ 200 (EUR 100 000 x 0.0020 = $ 200). Positive or negative amounts, depending on whether you are long or short for each step. If you were short, it would be 200 dollars before the "-" (negative) if you are a long time, it would be a "+" (plus).

The good news from the & # 39 is that online Forex trading platforms calculate P & L for you automatically; However, you still need to know how to do it yourself, to structure and manage risk effectively.


Commercial short sales on the market for crude oil


The United States is full of oil produced domestically. crude oil inventories in the United States reached a 26-year high. Gosh, just last year, North Dakota passed Ecuador's production, and Ecuador with & # 39; is a member of OPEC. In addition, the United States planned to get the crown as the world's largest oil producer Saudi Arabia already in 2020. Questions that arise with & # 39 are two-fold. "Why is the price of oil fell and why gas prices are still so high." The answer is simple: politics and logistics.

Forty years ago, the Law of the Energy Policy and Conservation. The idea was for the most part is to ban the export of crude oil, thus moving away from the production obtained in OPEC, and especially to the production on the basis of Texas during the oil crisis of the 1970s and OPEC embargo. Although the intention at the time was noble, it is clear that the global energy landscape has changed. We are fast approaching the point of energy independence. Our products have already eclipse imports at a weekly level regularly. In fact, the production of growth here in the US, helped to level the global production decline in each of the last three years.

Here comes a breakthrough in the Energy Policy Act, or saved. While crude oil itself can not be exported, oil can. Thus, oil refining companies have access to both domestic and world markets over the past 40 years, whereas in fact put drilling ties outdated policy. Oil rigs, which are retained by the legislation, the importance of oil saw a decline in the US compared with the world market, as domestic supplies increased. Processors used household situation fully. They buy cheap domestic oil and sell refined oil products at higher prices on the world market. clothing for the evaluation of the petroleum refining industry.

Ironically, change outdated legislation may not even need to align the prices. Initial adhesive is confined to the Midwest. Canadian oil flows through the Keystone pipeline, along with North Dakota and Montana. All ends in Cushing, Oklahoma. The expansion of the gas pipeline will allow to deliver this light sweet crude materials a processing plant that will balance the difference between the east and west coasts in comparison with gas prices in the Midwest. Pipelines, such as the gas pipeline project along the Arabian Gulf, X & # 39; yustanski side project and, obviously, the expansion of Keystone is to double the processing power of the Persian floor.

Alarmists use the previous example to illustrate that gas prices will rise "on all American heart." However, it is easy to see how the population is changing from the American heart to the coast. Lifting of the ban on exports, will certainly lower the price of oil Brent, which can be of great benefit to coastal refineries, which already import and process more heavy crude brand Brent, as well as their total. The answer is simple: it would create a more efficient world market and an efficient market driving prices down for all those involved. Thus, the refineries will be the loudest voice of protest.

Built-in bias in the domestic market of crude oil, which increases Fracking boom in the industry, it creates a kind of set of commercial bias. Fear of the crude oil market is always measured by unexpected shocks. This can be measured by blocking the purchase of commercial traders (processor) in future deliveries. Commercial traders were huge buyers at a rally of 2007-2008 and were also the biggest sellers at the top. Thus, it is worth noting that their current status & # 39 is the least bullish since August 2005. We use this bias to trade short part dyskontavanaga WTI contract for many years. You can see our typical configuration diagrams for commercial short sales in WTI crude here.


US investors are protected from nickel shot


There's some good news for ordinary retail investor in the United States. Comes the bubble, and at one time Joe Investor will not miss the boom and crash. Two main stories create the potential for short-term meteoric rise in prices only to quickly fall as macroeconomic forces and political issues at first. In a world full of financial instruments, the world's stock exchanges and products derived from the conditions out & # 39; I am to technological indices k ^ & # 39; yuchersav silkworm, nickel base metal inaccessible to the ordinary American retail trader.

Ten years ago, nickel was trading around 11,200 dollars per tonne on the London Metal Exchange (LME). Currently, the market is about 18 500 per ton. Rising prices of almost 65% with & # 39 is a great correlation with the growth of world GDP of the world's five largest economies in the same period of time. In principle, this makes sense, since nickel is used in almost 3000 alloys that we face daily. The rapid rise in nickel prices this year is not associated with the growth of the world, but nickel collapse after the jump will be directly linked to the slowdown in the world's GDP.

Currently, there are two main factors that push nickel prices above fundamental value. The first number is not surprised. In January, Indonesia, the second-largest producer of nickel, has put restrictions on the export of crude ore. The act is designed to encourage the processing of Indonesian ore and increasing domestic industrial development. Some concessions were made to companies with new domestic projects that were already in the works such as Freeport-McMoRan, however, even their production is likely to be reduced by half in accordance with the report on income in the first quarter. In the end, the world can observe supply decline of more than 8% in 2014 due to the adoption of Indonesian politics.

The second factor, which is currently pushing the nickel price higher than their own value – is the escalation of the political crisis in Ukraine. Russia produces about 16% of the world's nickel. It also produces nickel with a significant advantage in comparison with Indonesia at the expense of the geological formations in which it is stored. Norilsk dominates in the Russian production of nickel. Norilsk Nickel, like Gazprom – is kvazipramyslovy concern, get shortlisted for the next round of NATO sanctions, as well as direct US sanctions, which are aimed at individual Russian companies and owners, especially through the banking and tax control.

These problems with short-term supply of fly to the macroeconomic picture, which continues to design a global slowdown. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development recently released its predictions with the requirement to reduce global GDP from 3.6% to 3.4%. It is also the second projected decline in six months. Highlights include Chinese GDP decrease from 8.2% to 7.4%. This factor can not be reduced to a minimum, given the fivefold increase in the Chinese economy over the past 10 years, resulting in increase in nickel prices by 50% over the same period. Ironically, the very Chinese production will reduce the metal factor, as is supposed, they will increase production by almost 50%, which will allow to reach almost 500 000 tonnes of common & # 39; output of 1.85 million tons in 2014. Finally, the production efficiency will allow them to make a profit, even if the nickel is below 12,000 dollars per ton.

F & # 39; yuchersnyya markets based on delivery of the product at a given time at a price agreed between the buyer and the seller of the product at the time of conclusion of the contract. Physical products are also storage costs with insurance to cover the cost for storage. This creates the pricing structure, where the longest delivery times have the highest rates of related payments. Such pricing structure called reverse. The opposite of this with a & # 39 is "kontandgo". Contango occurs when prices in neighboring areas exceed the price for a long time. Such pricing structure is a short-term shortage of supply.

nickel market is currently in varying degrees in accordance with kontandgo LME diagrams. Currently, nickel for delivery is currently trading around $ 18 450 per ton, and nickel for delivery in slightly higher trading at $ 18 for three months, 520. Meanwhile, nickel for delivery in December was 18,205 dollars, and nickel for delivery in December 2015 to nearly $ 17 805. These prices make it easy to understand that a short-term jump in prices does not reflect the market perspective on the big picture. In addition, the absence of the US retail investors access to the LME difficult to trade on the stock exchange them.

We have seen that the supply disruptions create a similar situation here in the US. Typically, excess pricing between its own value and increased market value caused by speculation in the media that flow ultimately to the individual retail investor in Main St USA. Unfortunately, we have seen again and again how small traders jump on the newswire, hoping to make a quick buck only as a result, lost the ship as soon as the market develop. These samples are easy to spot on the f & # 39; yuchersnyh US markets due to report on the obligations of traders, which is published weekly by the Commission on Trade in Goods. The report traces the actual buying and selling of individual groups of traders – commercial, index and small speculators. We monitor these reports religiously and use them to inform us of the current forecast of the main industry in the relevant markets. At least this time the nickel bubbles are filled with American summer holidays.


Two methods of analysis of movements in the Forex market


In many ways, the foreign exchange market or currency market is no different from any other market, and prices are determined by the simple laws of supply and demand to a large extent. If you demand the currency, its price will rise, and when the demand is low, its price will fall.

This principle is quite simple to understand, and you might think that on this background to predict currency price movements need quite easily. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

By the mid-1980s, most traders relied on a method known as fundamental analysis to predict market movement. Today, however, a growing number of traders has deviated from the fundamental analysis in favor of technical analysis, although there is still a significant number of traders who are stuck on fundamental analysis or use it to back up the results of its technical analysis.

Let's briefly look at each of these two analytical methods.

fundamental analysis

The principle of fundamental analysis is that it is the study of these factors can predict changes in the political, economic and social factors that dictate supply and demand, and the market movement.

In this case, the fundamental analysis looks at political events and economic data such as inflation, interest rates and trade figures, as well as social data, such as employment rates. Then the historical data used as a basis for predicting the movement in the light of current figures. In other words, the analysis of, for example, the effect of that rise or fall in interest rates have had on the price of the currency in the past, used to predict the effect that today have a rise or fall in interest rates.

The biggest problem of fundamental analysis is the vast amount of data that must be analyzed, and that there is a wide degree of disagreement about what information is important and what is not. In some quarters also felt that because in recent years the world has changed dramatically, many of the factors that may have influenced the price of the currency in the past will not necessarily have the same effect today.

Perhaps one of the areas of common agreement with the & # 39 is that the analysis of the balance of payments of the country is crucial to the success of the fundamental analysis. The balance of payments is important because it reflects the flow of currency into the country and abroad, and a situation in which money is flowing into the country faster than they emerge, or conversely, clearly affect currency prices. Of course, an analysis of how will affect the price, – is, of course, what is actively discussing the fundamental analysts.

technical analysis

The principle of technical analysis is that although the political, economic and social factors will really move the market, to study or even to understand them is not necessary, because these factors in any combination you choose, there were again and again. past and their influence can be seen just studying historical patterns of currency movement.

Accordingly, the main instrument of the technical analyst & # 39 is a graph, or rather, a series of diagrams that provide a graphical representation of the market in time. The study of these graphs show that there are clear trends and patterns of price movements, and thus the expansion of the current graphics based on past models will show in what direction will move the currency.

As with fundamental analysis, there is a wide range of different instruments for chart and widespread disagreement about which precious little and having a smaller benefit.

Determine what method you need to take – it is not easy, although the majority of novice traders today decided to stick to the technical analysis. Of course, this may be because they are firmly convinced that it is better of the two methods, but, in most cases, it is probably because the study of fundamental analysis skills takes time and involves a rigorous learning curve and, therefore, this destination , which moves in the Forex trade.


Is John Templeton trade Buff Forex system?


The question posed in the title of this article should really turn and ask: is the formula of John Templeton (the use of price action to determine the successful currency trading) is not consistently performed? And the answer is: no. Not in all the years that exist It was to trade the markets. In fact, it is fact that many, if not most, successful professional Forex traders use as a main reference point for the search for successful trading opportunities.

According to John, if you are looking for a trading robot (also called "experts" or EA), which will help you to trade in the forex market, you are barking up the wrong tree when it comes to finding profitable trades. "Trading markets are too complex to allow the robot to make trades for you." There are too many variables that can come into play for any self-respecting forex traders to allow the robot to do it for trade. In addition, this just does not make sense at least to the data, most of these robots are programmed to collect and decrypt. In other words, the data that they see and decipher, not always with the & # 39 are the action data.

And that those who trade using "special performance"? Specific indicators are interesting in theory; and they will certainly make an intriguing point of sale for those who sell forex trading strategies based on the use of these indicators. However, they say only that there already It happened. They show a tendency to halfway of its life cycle. But they will certainly not be able to predict where the market may take a very long time. By the time you enter into a trade, using these figures, you have already lost half of the profit can We did. So, what good is it!

Let's look at an indicator such as stahastyka. According to the so-called "experts", this figure is intended to show you when the market is oversold or perakuplyaetstsa. But as it relates to the currency market, where you buy one currency against another, rather than action-oriented products that compete with those shares, product-oriented? According to John: "Just because it tells you that perakuplyaetstsa currency or resold, it really means that it is time to buy or sell?" The foreign exchange market – a different animal from traditional investments in commodities or goods.

John sees himself as a technical trader who is a laser beam focused on the price action, and so it dekretue all these cunning theorem to invest in the foreign exchange market. "As soon as the traders can get rid of this kind of thinking and begin to focus on what is important for the technical trader, and that the movement of prices, then you can start to call themselves traders." Training material John – search engine potential transactions on the basis of pricing or price action Trading in the Buff teach.

And it is not just a step to their Forex trading; He speaks from experience: "When I first started trading forex, I had to take the lumps, like no other I bought one gadget after another, and after all this, I was obviously neither one gadget will not do the job for me, I'm not going to…. press the button and become a millionaire. "

Instead, he leaned forward and began to study the only signals that he needed to give him the head, in which currency pairs can be invested: the movement of prices. In which currencies you invest depends on the market conditions, which are always in a state of flux. Market conditions will vary depending on whether it is a market that changes or trends in the market. But you should be able to look at the bare statistics and know that you are looking to be able to tell what is happening at the moment.

Fashion forex trading systems will come and go like any other whim. However, if you really want to make money in the forex market, it is better to pay attention to the basics. This means monitoring the price action and the fundamentals that drive price action. That's where the data are created.


And you missed the boat on gold and silver?


To date, gold is more than 25 percent, and silver – more than 64 percent, many investors are wondering, they were not included in the bull market of precious metals. Even if you have already had a significant allocation to precious metals, it is easy to expel itself from being able to not buy more. Over the past two years, silver has tripled, and some stocks, such as SLW, increased 10 times.

While a reasonable price and the early investors received large revenues for decades in the precious metals bull market, big money and craze of money remains to be done. bull market is now in the institutional phase, also known as the second phase, where hedge funds, banks and pension funds offer prices for metals and miners. In process of maturing bull market, investment strategies should be changed to reflect the second bull market, with three mania, which is waiting phase.

The second phase and the third phase of the bull market is due to more and more about & # 39; the volume of incoming capital flows. This can be seen in the trend growth of open interest, as well as more on the correction of the application. The upward movement of prices will increase, and adjustments will decrease in length, as seen in October precious metals correction. This causes problems for both new investors and for veterans.

Investors, who are already on the market will have a tendency to want to make a profit, but must resist the temptation to sell everything. As Jesse Livermore once said, "throughout all my years of investing I've found that a lot of money has never been made when buying or selling. The big money was made in anticipation." Fundamentals are still in favor of much higher prices for gold and silver, and as long as this does not change the long-term dynamics remain upward. Real interest rates are in the double-digit negative territory, while money supply growth is still in double-digit positive territory.

Despite the fact that you can wake up tomorrow and find that silver has doubled, and gold – up to 200 dollars, investors that will bring precious metals will be smart enough to avoid the purchase of a lump sum. Both gold and silver are technically overbought and may succumb to a sharp correction. Therefore, the best strategy that store professionals, is the accumulation of small orders for some time and continue to buy, where it allows the cash flow. If prices really correct, then increase the size of the planned purchases using piramidnyya orders, based on the cost.

Investors should also consider the possibility of diversifying the type of investment in the precious metals, which they have. While bullion gold indexes surpassed in recent years, it is expected to change. The financial crisis in 2008 has left many businesses unprofitable and without credits to continue the work. PAAS, SSRI, AUY, and others are still well below their highs in 2008, despite the price of gold $ 1,400 and silver at $ 28 price premium was moved from junior researchers and manufacturers at major, large-cap, producing miners. Now that credit is more readily available, and metal prices much higher capital only began to enter the smaller and junior researchers, as investors realize that they hold the future delivery.

While the easy money in gold and silver have been achieved, the highest income is yet to come. Long investors should sit in close time and continue to accumulate, and those who consider insurance of gold and silver, not even have to consider selling as global decline fiyatychnyh currency is just beginning.


FxDialogue improvement in trade Mexcel


Payment Mexcel trading platform, as we know, with the & # 39 is an effective employee because of its great features, which increase the Metatrader 4 in a much more comprehensive program. All this was the result of innovations and improvements FxDialogues, to make their customers comfortable and happy. Improvements made use metatrader 4 easy compatibility with excel, promising reliability and stability. Mexcel trading platform is significantly higher than the original Meta Trader 4, how it works.

With the help of this platform have an easy access to the Meta treder 4 historical values ​​and prices. This is a very important feature of this platform, given the fact that the trader is most often not aware of the time the current prices, as well as the values ​​that play an important role in the shopping process. This feature allows for easy access to information about high or low prices at any time, if a person wants to make any links. The presence of such a function did FxDialogue – by, you can rely on because of its regular updates that are convenient for customers.

Using this platform, there is also a guarantee that the price for Meta trader 4 in real time and even their technical parameters are displayed on the excel sheet. Of course, a factor that allows the trader the right to compare prices before you start trading. As a strong feature, it allowed traders to be able to work effectively on a single worksheet, as all the information necessary for pest solutions, is easily accessible. The values ​​of parameters and prices are updated more often, depending on the market rate at that time. Updates are carried out in real time on the excel sheet, which updates the trader, respectively. Basically, they comprise a plurality of factors with & # 39 are sliding on average at that point.

The ability to use simple functions to perform and place orders in the Meta trader 4 of excel – another feature that is a & # 39 is an excellent feature in Mexcel trader. In principle, the person should not give in to that change. You need to have simple knowledge about success and all of these functions can be easily used. With this platform, you can perform several functions. For example, it is easy to provide the user with features that let you take all kinds of market demands and conditions that most of the time lead to price movements and indicators.

Furthermore, these functions allow the introduction of new achievements, which always help the user to open and manage positions, depending on what criteria they will use. As you know, these functions are simple, as you know, are very important for the trader, and therefore Mexcel traders make the best platform for the future of every trader.

FxDialogue while improving also provided that the trader Mexcel is able to provide a stream to its users with Meta Trader on an Excel sheet. The data that have become available – is the one that is associated with either a closed or open position. There also may be data relating to the expected orders and account balance. All this information can be made available simultaneously on the excel sheet.

These features, therefore, make a trade using Mexcel FxDialogue trader is very convenient, bypassing the usual cumbersome procedures.